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Reason 473 to be Wary of eBay

American Girl merchandise worth $292,503 was shipped to family members of a former employee of the Wilmot American Girl-Mattel distribution facility between October 2014 and March 2015, according to court records.
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Really, another reason to be very wary of current AG merchandise being sold on eBay.

BREAKING: Wilmot Sale to Have Dolls

From Facebook.  For the first time that I can remember, the Wilmot warehouse sale will have dolls.  It’s going to be CRAY-ZEE!  They have not listed prices and no AG gift cards can be used.   To read our past report on the Wilmot sale, go here.

Limits will be in place.  They have not identified what the limit will be.  Either way, the EBay contingent will be in full force.  I wonder if this is the beginning of AG pulling back from the Madison Benefit Doll Sale.

Maryellen’s Day at the Beach

Maryellen loved the ocean: its roar, its salty tang, and the huge blueness of it stretching all the way to the sky. . . .One of Maryellen’s favorite TV shows was a broadcast of the waterskiing and synchronized swimming show at Cypress Gardens, which was right in her own state of Florida. Maryellen pretended now that she was one of the Cypress Gardens mermaids, and practiced smiling for the television camera every time she came up for air after flipping and twirling underwater.

The One and Only by Valerie Tripp