BREAKING: Wilmot Sale to Have Dolls

From Facebook.  For the first time that I can remember, the Wilmot warehouse sale will have dolls.  It’s going to be CRAY-ZEE!  They have not listed prices and no AG gift cards can be used.   To read our past report on the Wilmot sale, go here.

Limits will be in place.  They have not identified what the limit will be.  Either way, the EBay contingent will be in full force.  I wonder if this is the beginning of AG pulling back from the Madison Benefit Doll Sale.

5 thoughts on “BREAKING: Wilmot Sale to Have Dolls

  1. Flo

    Wow! That will be complete insanity. And if they are getting away from the Madison sale, very sad too as I’m sure that was a huge fundraiser for them. 😦


    1. Jen Post author

      I can’t even imagine it. It puts a lot more drama into the first day of the sale. That first year we went on the first day I think we arrived at 9:30 and got in around 2:00. Check out was 1 hour. In that regard, the Madison sale is so much easier.
      The Facebook alludes to the fact that people will be “very pleased” with the prices. What does that mean? I think the GOTY dolls were 110.00 at Madison. Maybe they sell them for 80.00 like the Outlet store? Hmmm.


      1. Abby

        I went today! It was so much fun and wasn’t too crowded!!! I did not see any bitty twin items!
        Here is a list of the stuff they had: (Sorry, I mostly paid attention to AG not BB )
        DOLLS:, all dolls were in true spirit outfit and were tied in box, just no hairnets.
        #38 Red hair, green eyes, freckles, bangs, lights skin $70
        ( idk #) : blond hair, bangs, blue eyes, light skin $70
        (Idk #) : blond hair, brown eyes, light skin $70
        They had bitty babies: light skin, brown hair, brown eyes, and light skin blond hair, and blue and green eyes $36 each!!
        A few mini Addy’s – $10
        Mini grace $10
        Marie grace’s meet outfit $14
        TONS OF CLOTHES FOR GIRLS, including Isabelle, Grace, Saige, holiday wear and TM.
        TONS of mini doll and & 3 book set from Costco – $15 (Samantha, Caroline, Julie, and Kit)
        Assorted store doll exclusive classic shirts- $3 (Canada and US locations)
        Doll travel books- $1
        Caroline hardcover books- $3
        Caroline’s accessories- $12
        Grace’s welcome gifts- $10
        Santa dress PWP- $3
        Tshirt, hat, bracelet set PWP- $6 or $4 (don’t remember)
        True spirit outfit- $3
        Two braid headbands- $6
        3 different kinds of doll watches- $4 each
        Brown chic bun- $3
        Rebecca’s hairstyling set- $2
        Samantha’s hairstyling set- $10
        Saige’s Picnic set- $10
        Kits bed- $65
        Julie, Rebecca’s or Samantha’s bed – $50
        Caroline’s skiff- $60
        Kaya’s Teepee and bedroll- $95
        Grace’s bistro set- (sidewalk table and chairs thingie) -$55
        Kaya’s powwow dress of today- $17
        Play and display stand- $14
        Treat seat- $15
        American girl lunch boxes for girls- $3
        American girl messenger bags- $5
        Friends are sweet set or Holiday accessories- $8
        Grace’s exclusive earrings- $8
        The fresh and fun earrings- $5
        Kits candy making full set (with dress, shoes and candy set) – $32
        Kits sweets set- (candy making set without dress and shoes – $17

        Overall- the sale was very well organized and the staff were super nice and friendly. I LOVE this sale because it’s very small and the prices are pretty good!!
        There was no line, and I got there at about 4:15 ish. After I left at like 5:30, more people started coming in.
        Here’s what I got:
        2 doll travel books -$2
        2 Santa dresses PWP- $6
        1 Play and display stand- $14
        1 Addy mini doll (beforever) – $10
        1 Toronto Doll store exclusive shirt- $3
        Grace’s meet earrings- $8
        For a total of $43!
        Originally would have cost : $151!!
        I saved $108!!
        This warehouse sale is so amazing!!


      2. Jen Post author

        Wow, Abby… So Glad you had a GREAT experience and got so e things you will love. I am going to take your comment and move it into a post so others can see what was available. Thank you so much for reporting back. We were sad to miss it. Darn work/school!


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