Breaking: Goodbye Outlet

AG Outlet (Oshkosh, Wisconsin) to close July 27.  Also reported that after a 20+ year run, the AG fashion shows for charity will end.

Winds of change are blowing this week!

Will be interesting to see what this does for the Wisconsin eBay resellers…

6 thoughts on “Breaking: Goodbye Outlet

  1. American Girl Doll Artist

    That’s sad. I was just talking with my Grandma that I wanted to go there someday. AG does not seem to be doing well. They are releasing employees, closing down stores, and having extremely small releases. I hope they get out of this dry spot soon. Maybe that’s why they might do a DOC next year for the GOTY.


  2. Flo

    I’m sure the Ebay contingent is having a major freak out at the moment! I’ll be curious to see if it evens the playing field though for those of us who don’t live nearby and hate paying the ridiculous Ebay prices. I would love to see this stuff turn up on their website for the outlet prices, and I totally get why they are doing this. It was probably costing them more overhead in employees, utilities and rent than if they just switched to the website. Fingers crossed here!


    1. Jen Post author

      It does make sense… It’s basically free to sell it on the web… And faster, too, probably. Large amounts of leftover stuff can go to the warehouse sale(s). The negative, in my mind, it it wrecks the “limited-time, collectible” sales in November.


      1. Flo

        I have a gut feeling that the items that fall in the limited edition range will be held back and not sold at clearance until later. That’s what I would do, whether or not that’s how they handle it though is up for grabs. I also think that part of this goes along with the computer upgrade they did last year, perhaps their goal is better inventory targets. I’ve noticed a lot of things backordered and it was especially bad at the beginning of the year. It looks like they are still tweaking.


  3. Annaliese Mills

    I stopped in yesterday and there is basically nothing left, a few clothes items, and blonde Truly Me Dolls. In talking to the employees there they have heard a couple different options with what they will do with the retired items or the refurbished items. They didn’t say if any of them are truly confirmed, but each interesting.
    1. Going to 2 sales a year in Wilmot, WI
    2. Having a larger sale section online
    3. Having the merchandise at the Mattel Outlet



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