Postcard from Julie

Julie Beach

“Maryellen, did you see the postcard from Julie?”

“Yep, she goes on a trip and sends a postcard to remind us to take care of her responsibility!” protested Maryellen.

“At least the chore is cute and furry!” said Addy.

The girls packed up Nutmeg and took her out for fresh air and green grass.

IMG_7668Nutmeg usually stayed at Julie’s Dad’s house, but this summer she relocated to live with all of the girls — there was always someone around to give her attention.  If Nutmeg got bored, no lamp cords or computer cables were safe!

IMG_7669IMG_7672Nutmeg always preferred to nestle in a laundry basket.  Julie’s Dad made sure the laundry basket went where Nutmeg went.

IMG_7671And, just to make sure no other bunnies claimed her bed, her cushion was embroidered with her name.


I got Julie’s bunny and basket quite a long time ago and am just now sharing it with you.  The basket has real ribbon interwoven around the outside and Nutmeg’s cushion is embroidered on a denim cushion.  Nutmeg herself leaves a bit to be desired.  Maybe her “velvet brown” color makes it hard to tell what kind of animal she is.  Hey, at least she isn’t a “pet rock”!



13 thoughts on “Postcard from Julie

  1. jackylina

    I don’t have Nutmeg but I do have Lulu (Lanie’s bunny) and she’s really cute but her leash is so short, Lanie ends up pulling her around like a yo-yo. Poor Lulu!


    1. Jen Post author

      Yes, we don’t want to strangle the bunny! I’m really on a roll with Julie lately. Either I’m reliving my 70s childhood or I’m trying to win you over on Julie 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Xyra

    I love Nutmeg! The first item I got from Julie’s collection. So cute and fluffy! We have Lulu too. The two get along perfectly (which can be challenging with real bunnies). Both are lop-eared. Much different from our very first bunny, Razzi, whose ears are up.


    1. Jen Post author

      When Julie first came out I wasn’t wild about her.. But like many of the dolls, her story won me over. Julie’s face paint is one my favorites. I’ve been adding bits of her collection as I can. Nutmeg’s cushion is the AG quality that I think separates them from a lot of their competition.



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