American Girl Benefit Sale 2017

I just ordered my academic year calendar for 2016-17 so now is a good time to share the Madison Children’s Museum AG Benefit Sale dates for next year.  They announced on Facebook that the 30th anniversary of the sale will be July 22-23, 2017. 

Looks like they have moved the sale to be one weekend later than it has been.  I’d like to go next year since we missed it this year.  Also (ssshhhh) I’m finding myself pinning images of TrulyMe #41.  Could be trouble.

The Facebook post indicated they did about $900,000 in sales at the 2016 sale… Which is roughly what they reported in 2015.

If you have thoughts on this year’s sale, please share!

6 thoughts on “American Girl Benefit Sale 2017

  1. Jennifer Spader

    I’m a big fan of American Girl dolls since I was about 16 years old and I’m interested in Lea Clark doll that took over Grace’s place right after she retired and I’m thinking about getting Lea Clark for Christmas because we live in Salem Wisconsin and I’m looking for a set of the Lovely Leopard print pajamas that is in Pink for my doll Grace because she doesn’t have one that’s for summer!


  2. Jennifer Spader

    Thank you Jen! I’m a big fan of dolls because I always take them with me when my Mom takes me to my doctor appointments! I’m scared of needles when I get Bloodwork done at St. Catherine’s Hospital because my doll keeps me safe when I’m scared! I’m 28 years old and I enjoy making things with rubber bands by doing Rainbow Loom and I want to make something for Lea Clark before I get her for Christmas this year because she took over Grace’s place after she retired last year the day after Christmas! Grace is my favorite doll because I sleep with her and Julie every single night!


  3. Jennifer Spader

    I have been collecting things when I was about 4 years old because I love stuffed kitties that I sleep with every single night and that’s why I like playing with my stuffed animals when I was a little girl! I also love American Girl dolls when I first got Kit for Christmas that was from my nurse Anne Krause because I fell in love with American Girl dolls when I was 16 years old! Then for my 27th Birthday last year I got Sadie number 13 and she is just like me that was from my Mom and my oldest sister Jessie!


    1. Jen Post author

      Recent prices: 55.00 Truly Me; 85.00 Historicals, limit is 1; GOTY from prior years, around 110.00. Unknown what kind of stock there is of Leah after she was sold at Kohls department stores.



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