American Girl Melody Reveal

Hi Friends,

Did you watch the Melody reveal today on American Girl’s Facebook page?  I thought it was interesting to see the inspirations for her wardrobe and how they tweak some of the colors in existing fabric samples.

At the moment we don’t have plans to get Melody because we are reaching maximum capacity (though I’d make an exception for Truly Me 41).  My favorite item is the pajamas.  Always need pajamas πŸ˜‰

What did you think of her collection?  How about the winter coat? ! 

9 thoughts on “American Girl Melody Reveal

  1. American Girl Doll Artist

    I love her winter coat! My mom is trying to convince me and my sisters to get Melody. She just loves her! πŸ˜€ I think she is pretty, but I already have an AA doll with the Sonali face mold. I will, however be getting the coat. I think it timeless. πŸ™‚

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  2. Abby

    I would get her if my mom wanted to get her for meπŸ˜‰! I wanted #47 originally, but if somehow I can get a good deal on her I might splurge!! I think all of her outfits are super cute! Her whole collection is just so amazing and adorable! I probably will get her keoboard set if it’s not stop expensive!! Maybe ill ask her for Christmas! She’s also sort of special to me because my birthday is December 31st, and hers in Jan 1st. I think that connection is also cool, and That’s Lea’s friend was also named Abby!


  3. jackylina

    At first I thought for sure I’d get Melody but now with these rumors about a possible AA GOTY 2017 I’m going to at least hold off until January. I do love her winter coat. It looks really good on her.


  4. Flo

    I think she is adorable but can’t figure out how to fit her into my doll universe. Plus I’m another person who wants to wait and see what GOTY 2017 brings. Love her pj’s, too cute, but the fancy dress is one I have to have, I can see me buying that soon. I’m anxious to see her accessories.


  5. Abby

    I can’t decide either if I want her. Her bans look a little funky and cut odd in some pictures. AG and their “modern girl” rumored series for next year, and the rumored GOTY 2017 will make me not get melody until I can see the other new dolls.


  6. Jennifer Spader

    I really want the new doll Melody because she is so pretty! I would like to add her to my collection if it would be possible! I am a big fan of dolls because I always take good care of my girls every single day!



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