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Lea Coming to Kohl’s Oct 3

GOTY 2016 Lea and some of her apparel coming to Kohl’s October 3.  In store only at 1,100 stores nationwide.  Doll price will be $120.  No word yet on whether coupons apply.  See link below for items Kohl’s will carry.  Quite a lot!


Amazon Amping up American Girl Presence

I have a couple of Amazon related thoughts today.  I noticed Amazon has an American Girl “shop” that uses the same images as the American Girl website.  They currently have a lot of Maryellen related items.  It will be interesting to see if this presence increases for the holiday season.  See

While I was browsing I came across this new to me item… MegaBlocks set of Grace’s house. Looks like it was released a week or so ago?

I think Amazon would be a great place for AG to sell their retiring merchanise!  Rather see it there than Kohl’s.  

I Love You a Latte

Hi peeps, Isabelle here modeling my new PJs from Justice.  They are super comfy for lounging and studying.  I love these quiet moments when Tutu and I can relax without all the kid commotion around the house.


The PJ top has a stylish racer back.

img_7913And the bottoms have a super cute Frappucino print that says “I love you a latte.”

img_7914What’s your favorite drink?  Mine is Strawberries and Creme frappucino… Venti please!  It’s sweet and girly like me!

img_7927Jen says… Justice seems to be limiting the amount of doll outfits in their shops, but I thought this one was terrific and it is very well made.  They retail for about $12.00.  Getting Isabelle’s pink hair extensions in just about made me have a hot flash.  I needed the air conditioning after that!  You can never have enough doll pajamas.

I got a sample of Pumpkin spice frappucino and I liked the cup as much as the drink!  I put some pink construction paper in the cup and a piece of gift bag tissue paper for whipped cream.

BeForever 2017

The books that previously sounded like Felicity’s story are now listed in a 3 book set on Amazon and are called “BeForever 2017.”  The theme listed for the book is “Colonial Life.”  So curious to see if this is Felicity coming out of retirement or a new character. If Kathleen Ernst and Valerie Tripp are both on the project, I have the highest hopes!  Books in February and doll in fall like Melody??

Lea’s Collection Coming to…. Kohl’s??

We heard last week that select TrulyMe dolls, Wellie Wishers, and TM items would appear at some Toys R Us locations… Now it looks like Girl of the Year items are headed to Kohl’s for the holiday season according to Forbes

They don’t divulge whether Kohl’s locations will sell the doll.  Seems possible given all the Caroline and Isabelle dolls that were overstocks.

Meanwhile, Kohl’s KSS -2.63% will carry merchandise related to its girl of the year doll, Lea, this holiday season, it was announced Thursday.

Your thoughts?  I think it’s good for sales, but for me, American Girl represents special times, not a run to the local mall.  We usually buy at Christmas and sometimes birthdays, so that makes the brand “special” to me.  I could make Christmas cookies anytime, but doing it once a year makes it something I “wait for” and I like that about American Girl as well.  

Ps… I may recant when I see Kohls coupons + American Girl 😜

American Girl: Ultimate Visual Guide

The DK publishing American Girl: The Ultimate Visual Guide is out and my copy arrived today!

American Girl Visual GuideHere’s a bit about what you can expect in the book.

There are fun facts about the development of American Girl products.  Below you can see the various outfits that were considered for Saige.


There is a timeline several pages long that covers the company’s beginning to present day.

img_7896There are four pages for every historical doll, and two pages devoted to historical friends.

img_7897img_7898img_7899Historical dolls who are also part of the BeForever line are shown in original and BeForever clothing, with perhaps a slight edge for BeForever (especially in the case of Samantha).

All Girls of the Year are represented as well as their friends (Gwen, Sonali, etc).  The pages devoted to the GOTY characters vary based on collection size.


The TrulyMe line is organized by activity/season/theme.  Here you see the layout on the topic of “Sports”.  Some of these pictures will be familiar from the catalogs.


There is some fun trivia in the book, such as “tallest item sold” and “item with the most pieces.”  Would you like to take a guess?

Finally there is information about some of the American Girl development team.

img_7902The book is not a complete guide to everything ever produced.  I’d like to have one of those!  This book will best be enjoyed by those newer to American Girl, and definitely kids!  The large, hardcover book retails for around $20.00.