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Toys R Us, Meet American Girl

img_8040You know if there is something happening in the world of American Girl, it is hard for me to stay away!  I pried Brianna away from her Animal Jam computer game and away we went at 9 am to Toys R Us (TRU) for the launch of the Truly Me line.

There was a crowd-control line established, but long empty by the time we arrived.  I asked the clerk if there was ever a need to line up and she said that the first person in line received a doll.  Nice!

As we came in there was an opportunity to enter a drawing.  I admit I was so excited that neither of us are sure what the drawing is for!  It has to be good, right?!  We also each received a Truly Me activity kit for visiting.  I appreciate that they offered one to everyone who wished to have one, even if they didn’t have a little girl with them.

Truly Me activity kit giveaway. Note merchandise goes in AG bags.

Truly Me activity kit giveaway. Note merchandise goes in AG bags.

There were definitely shoppers there specifically for the promotion.  I would say maybe 20 families were checking out the dolls.  When the crowds cleared I got a few pictures of the arrangement of the shop in shop.

img_8049One wall had the full-line of Truly Me dolls, as well as the a la carte clothing items.

img_8048Large items like the camper, kitchen, scooter and canopy bed are available – just take a ticket and the clerks will bring them up.  Brianna said she would pay for 24.99 of the kitchen if I covered the other $200.  Right.

img_8046Speaking of the kitchen, it is pretty terrific.  The flour and sugar containers are speckled inside as though the flour has stuck to the glass.

img_8045The kitchen has a built-in pet feeding station.  I would like American Girl to come turn this kitchen into a real kitchen in my house.  A girl can dream…

img_8041Across from the Truly Me wall were Wellie Wishers and some of the glass display cases showcasing holiday dresses and pets.

img_8043Overall I thought it was well done.  I haven’t been to a American Girl store in almost 2 years, so I appreciated seeing the items in person.  We did come home with the lasagne set, which I will feature in a future post.  I did not see any Journey Girls at this store, perhaps because of the arrival of American Girl.

Not all TRU stores carry the American Girl brand.  To find out if your local store has a Truly Me shop in shop, visit the TRU website.



Bring on the Candy!

img_8027By Lanie

“Help, Dorothy’s house fell on me!”

img_8028I always think of the Wicked Witch of the East when I see these tights.

This year I am the lucky one to wear the household Halloween costume because I am the most recent person to join the family.  I went to the park for a few fall photos.

img_8029What will you dress as for Halloween?  Jen and Mr. Jen plan to be Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase from The Lightning Thief.  Brianna is a Southern Belle in Jen’s prom dress from the 80s.  Tonight we plan to “Boo” someone.  Have you heard of it?  You make a small bag of treats and print the poem at  There is an option for neighborhood or office BOO-ing.  Then you deliver the bag without revealing your identity. I hope to get the bag done before Maryellen gets home because she cannot keep a secret!


What candy do you hope to receive Trick or Treating?  My favorite is malted milk balls!

Kit for President!

My fellow Americans,

I, Margaret Mildred Kittredge, humbly ask my fellow citizens to consider me as a candidate for President of the Unites States of America.

img_8009Many of you know me for my book, The Waste Not, Want Not, Almanac.  These principles form the bedrock of my vision for the United States.  I believe that if we can create a national movement around frugality and self-sufficiency, we can use the money we save to improve the lives and education of Americans, as well as our friends around the world.

img_8012My campaign slogan “A chicken in every coop” perfectly explains my platform.  We will educate Americans on ways to grow vegetables in any climate, raise chickens,  and feed our families nutritious basics.  Aunt Millie will be heading up these initiatives.  My Aunt Millie is known for never wasting a thing, not even sunshine!  She has proposed that the government offer tax incentives to those who install their own clothesline.  We will return home economics classes to schools . . . and Shakespeare!

Growing up in the Depression, I experienced the embarrassment and shame of having clothes that didn’t fit and not enough food to eat.  Inspired by the famous Roosevelt Fireside Chats, Aunt Millie and I will be broadcasting monthly ideas on how to best use what we have.  We may even teach our fellow citizens to make their own bloomers!

If my platform resonates with you, I encourage you to visit my website to join the movement. Remember, a vote for Kit is a vote for a chicken in every coop!



Out and About in October

By Caroline

Fall greetings, doll fans.  I’m out of the house today, which is a minor miracle!  It’s been busy around here with a human home renovation project (the dust does nothing for my curls!), Jen working more hours, and Brianna in school.  I was feeling a little underappreciated, but today was a gorgeous day and Jen had a surprise for me.

img_8008Grandma recently traveled to Monroe, Wisconsin (The Swiss Cheese Capital of the United States!) and brought a present home – a beautiful, Swiss doll sweater.  I’m the first one to try it on.   Monroe is not far from the home of Kathleen Ernst, who wrote my story.

Is it fall sweater weather where you are?  Have you had any candy corn yet?





Have You Visited Lea at Kohl’s?

I had to stop by Kohl’s on the way home from work to see the Lea display.

img_7991 img_7990

It seemed to me they have almost almost all of Lea’s smaller items: celebration dress, Bahia shirt & shorts, pajamas, sloth, tortoise, swimwear, beach picnic set, rainforest hike accessories, and her regular accessories.  I did not see the Margay cat.  Lea herself has a security system that keeps the box closed; if you wanted to see inside the box you would need to ask a salesperson for help.

The signs indicated that you can’t use coupons and promotions towards the American Girl items, but they do accrue points to the Kohls’ reward system.

Also, the American Girl MegaBlok sets are 15% off currently.


I saw Grace (pictured), McKenna, and Saige’s horse stable.

Have you been to Kohl’s yet?