Out and About in October

By Caroline

Fall greetings, doll fans.  I’m out of the house today, which is a minor miracle!  It’s been busy around here with a human home renovation project (the dust does nothing for my curls!), Jen working more hours, and Brianna in school.  I was feeling a little underappreciated, but today was a gorgeous day and Jen had a surprise for me.

img_8008Grandma recently traveled to Monroe, Wisconsin (The Swiss Cheese Capital of the United States!) and brought a present home – a beautiful, Swiss doll sweater.  I’m the first one to try it on.   Monroe is not far from the home of Kathleen Ernst, who wrote my story.

Is it fall sweater weather where you are?  Have you had any candy corn yet?





10 thoughts on “Out and About in October

    1. Jen Post author

      Wow, neat! As much as I enjoy the AG clothes, it is special to have some one of a kind type items, and I always remember who gave them to me.



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