Bring on the Candy!

img_8027By Lanie

“Help, Dorothy’s house fell on me!”

img_8028I always think of the Wicked Witch of the East when I see these tights.

This year I am the lucky one to wear the household Halloween costume because I am the most recent person to join the family.  I went to the park for a few fall photos.

img_8029What will you dress as for Halloween?  Jen and Mr. Jen plan to be Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase from The Lightning Thief.  Brianna is a Southern Belle in Jen’s prom dress from the 80s.  Tonight we plan to “Boo” someone.  Have you heard of it?  You make a small bag of treats and print the poem at  There is an option for neighborhood or office BOO-ing.  Then you deliver the bag without revealing your identity. I hope to get the bag done before Maryellen gets home because she cannot keep a secret!


What candy do you hope to receive Trick or Treating?  My favorite is malted milk balls!


10 thoughts on “Bring on the Candy!

  1. Jessa

    For some reason, Laney is one of my favorite dolls AG has put out. I keep putting off adding her but someday I’m going to have to just bite the bullet because she’s so cute. Your pictures are lovely!

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    1. Jen Post author

      Thank you! We love Lanie too, and I almost spelled her name wrong, too! DH bought her off eBay. I was like, “What?!” but he did a great job and she was only missing her original underwear and headband.

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  2. MERmade9

    Lanie’s beautiful — WOW — what a great hubby you have! 😉 My fav candy would be Snickers, but much too hot here in AZ for anything like that (or Malted Milk Balls), as they may be mush before you get a chance to eat them. Hit 100 today & it’s MUCH too late in October for that nonsense! ;(


    1. Jen Post author

      You can read the original story about getting Lanie here
      That birthday I also did a Lanie cake topper that I bought off Etsy. I don’t think I got around to writing about that!
      She is a gorgeous doll… the eyes are a nice shade of green… realistic! Her hair always behaves too.
      I never thought about the down side of TrT in Arizona! Here you have to consider that caramel things could be frozen.
      Still, I love the 🌵

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