Thanksgiving: The Day After

Twas the day after Thanksgiving, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for Maryellen . . . who was on her second draft of a Christmas wish list.

img_8083All the big girls had gone out for 50% off on jeggings at Old Navy, so it was just Maryellen, Tutu, and some Christmas music on the the ol’ record player.

Christmas lists were something Maryellen took very seriously.  In such a big family, Christmas  was a rare opportunity to get something new.

The back door slammed shut and in walked Josefina.

img_8084“Josie, I thought you went to the mall.  What’s in the paper bag?”

“I went to the grocery store.  It was really quiet there!  I’m just in the mood for something different to eat.  I’ve had all the turkey I can take!”

“Come join me in the kitchen if you want to help.”

img_8085Maryellen jumped at the opportunity to spend time alone with Josefina.

She called out, “Hey!  wait for me!”

Josefina was unpacking the groceries.

img_8090“Looks like Grace went a little overboard on the pastries,” Josefina said.  “There’s barely any room for food!”

img_8091“What are we making, Josefina?  I want to help!  Why is there a tomato on the counter?  Are you making salads?”

Maryellen’s questions made Josefina a bit annoyed, but she let it slide.

“I’m making something Italian that serves a crowd – lasagna!  You can help by chopping some tomatoes while I finish unpacking groceries,” said Josefina.

img_8089Maryellen was in awe of the way Josefina knew how to make lasagna without even using a recipe.  She vowed to try to spend more time in the kitchen so she could be as good as Josie some day.

Josefina showed Maryellen how to layer the noodles, sauce, and cheese.  While it baked in the oven, Maryellen set the table as fancy as she could for her special meal with Josefina.


Josefina was famous for her garlic bread, which was more butter than bread.


Finally the golden, cheesy lasagna came out of the oven, and it was just Maryellen and Josefina enjoying the quiet in the house and eating something that was definitely not turkey!



How was your Thanksgiving?  Josefina appears in the story for my Mother-in-Law, who is a Josefina fan.  The lasagna set was my purchase from the Toys r Us AG launch a few weeks ago.  It was kind of a frivolous purchase, but look at it!  No regrets.



17 thoughts on “Thanksgiving: The Day After

  1. MERmade9

    Saw your post earlier when it came in on my phone while I was sewing, but it made me hungry, so I’m back now after having left-overs & doing dishes. 😉 LOVE your story, but was sooo wishing I had some of Josefina’s garlic bread to go with our left-overs tonight, as it’s a FAV around our house.


    1. Jen Post author

      We used to have a restaurant in our town and their garlic bread would literally drip garlic butter! When I make it at home it is much more austere. Hope your Thanksgiving was good! I’ve started in on Christmas cookies.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. MERmade9

        Ohhh yummy, even if not terribly healthy! Ours is much more austere also. Our Thanksgiving was pretty low-key and non-turkey this year, which was fine with us. Just trying to find some sewing time now, but with winter visitors here/holidays upon us, seems my best-made plans rarely pan out! We have great fun/lots of laughs, so that’s what truly matters!


  2. Flo

    I can relate to no turkey the day after. We went out for Chinese! I love the lasagna set, I picked it up when the pop up store in Pittsburgh opened. I think it’s one of their better food pieces.


    1. Jen Post author

      We went for sushi! This lasagne set is haunting me. I think I may make lasagne for Christmas…it’s so enticing. Hope you are well… Black Friday purchases for you?


    1. Jen Post author

      Thanks! Sorry for the delay… your comment went missing for some reason. I agree Josefina has to get out more! She is our first AG – Pleasant Company. I agree about the lasagne. The serving spatula is awesome too.

      Liked by 1 person


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