Tenney – She’s Legit!

“Tenney” is definitely out there on the horizon as a new Contemporary American Girl.  Indigo Bookstore is now showing the cover of “Tenney’s Journal” which releases at the end of January.  We have the color aqua, a guitar, and a coral guitar pick to work with.  Some have speculated that her name could be short for Tennessee and a country music connection.

As we learned with Melody, a book release may not correlate to a doll release at the same time.


Speaking of doll releases, the 2017 Girl of the Year book (and presumably the doll!) releases a month from now and we know barely anything about her, other than the author is Teresa Harris, an established author who has written books with African-American girl characters.  When TrulyMe #46 was retired, speculation followed that she might be adapted into the 2017 GOTY (I recall this was based on American Girl stating on Facebook that she was being revamped).

What are your thoughts on the American Girl Cyber Monday sale?  Personally, I thought it was pretty skimpy.  Most major retailers offer free shipping and a percent discount.  The items AG had on sale were things that have been kicking around for a while… many of the outfits were at the Oshkosh Outlet (now closed) last summer already.  I’m happy that they are making these items available to everyone, but the sale seemed far from epic, especially without free shipping. Many of the items reportedly became unavailable while they were sitting people’s digital shopping carts and the commentary on AG’s Facebook page was decidedly unhappy.

(Update… Tenney’s release day is reportedly February 2 and there may be a boy doll available with her release named Logan Everett)

15 thoughts on “Tenney – She’s Legit!

  1. jackylina

    I actually thought the cyber sale was good. I didn’t buy anything but there were some brand new outfits, the historical sets that had never been on the sale page were deeply discounted, the rewards members could view the sale early (5pm). I at least thought it was WAY better than last year which was practically nothing. I hope AG will do the December Daily deals again this year. I still remember being so excited to get Grace’s baking set last year.


  2. Gretchen Houle

    I was not too impressed with the sale. I am also not to happy that all the levels got to go to it early. Wheres the special sales for the Berry members. I bought a lot and think that they should do more for the berry members.


  3. Lexie

    The items that they had in the sale weren’t necessarily bad, there were quite a few things that I would have put in my cart if I was placing an order, but they didn’t have anything I wanted and I was disappointed with that.


  4. Flo

    It wasn’t the best sale they have ever done, but it wasn’t the worst either. Last year holds the title of worst. The 20% off was earlier last year, and the only reason I know that is I had stuff to order for my sister and a friend at the same time as the Cyber Monday sale. But, the dates would have been shifted a bit too, Thanksgiving was the earliest it can be this year. I will be curious to see if they do a 12 days sale again starting December 1st. I did pick up a couple of things, but nothing quite like 2 years ago, that sale was epic.

    I’m excited to see this info about Tenney. Curiosity about this whole new direction is high for me. And I love how they have managed to keep GOTY 2017 under wraps to date. All kinds of surprises coming up!


    1. Jen Post author

      Did you end up getting a holiday catalog? I’m still eagerly checking the mailbox everyday while simultaneously thinking they may not send me one 😥


      1. Flo

        I did, I got the great big one. Then a few days ago I got this little one, and I’m thinking “why did they bother?” There was nothing else in it, why waste the postage. Instead send it to some of these people who aren’t getting catalogs! I’m really trying to figure out what in the world they are doing. ????!


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