Christmas is Coming…


by Jen

How are your holiday preparations coming along? This weekend we celebrate Christmas with my husband’s family.  The tree is up, stockings are hung (including for Dakota and Julie), and Addy is ready to party.


Every year I get one of the historical doll’s Christmas outfits as a gift, and I always appreciate having them when I pull them out in December.  Addy’s tartan dress is so beautiful and the quality is astonishing.

Brianna and are I a little bummed that there won’t be any new additions under the tree this year.  I tried to score a Kirsten off eBay, but the price went too high.  We just spoiled ourselves last year with both Maryellen and Dakota (JLY  #60).  We are planning to go to the Madison Doll Sale this summer, so we have to pace ourselves.  Is Santa bringing you anything from American Girl?

I’m pretty excited about all of the new dolls coming our way in 2017.  We have a GOTY doll of color who likes poetry, a country singer “Tenney” and her boy friend Logan (complete with boxer briefs), and possibly a Z Crew doll.  And Felicity… we can’t forget Miss Merriman!

It’s a good thing I am starting a new job in 2017, because American Girl has big things in store for our wallets apparently!

I want to thank all our readers and blog friends for so much fun and friendship this year.  Flo, Heather, Xyra, MerMade9, Emily, Jennifer S. and Jen.. if it weren’t for you who would I discuss the joys and tribulations of American Girl with?

I hope your holidays are fantastic and I hope Santa is good to you!


9 thoughts on “Christmas is Coming…

  1. Flo

    Merry Christmas!!! I agree with you on Addy’s dress, it is so pretty and very well made. Reminds me of the AG/PC origins. I’m not getting anything for Christmas–hubby is off for a few days right after the new year, so I opted to wait until then and a trip to the AG pop up store to hopefully get some of the new goodies!


    1. Jen Post author

      Getting to AG right after the New Year starts sounds like a lot of fun! I haven’t seen too many leaks on GOTY 2017 so that makes it exciting.


  2. jackylina

    Aw, thanks, Jen! You were one of my first blogging friends and I love talking AG with you! Sometime we should do a meet-up at the Chicago AG store.
    I can’t wait to her yours and everybody else’s opinions on the new arrivals.


  3. Nonna @

    Maybe Santa will bring a surprise! I’ve just had to pack up my doll room so my son could use it to sleep in which was somewhat fun because I sorted everything into storage boxes opening things I hadn’t gotten to yet to eliminate packaging…kinda like an early Christmas for just me. My beautiful daughter tried to surprise me with something doll related that arrived in a smashed and open (!) USPS box so I don’t know that Santa won’t be working extra overtime this year. Here’s to a dollrific 2017 fir all! Happy Christmas!



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