Ivy Rumor

You come across the most interesting things on American Girl’s Facebook page.  

The question asked is, “Is Ivy coming back?”  Usually AGs response would be something like “We have no plans to re-release friend dolls at this time.”  Their reply to watch for announcements was new to me.  

On one hand, I can see that the rumored doll “Z. Yang” from the American Girl stop motion YouTube videos could be confused with Ivy because they are both Asian.  The name “Z. Yang” and “Popcorn” (dog) have been trademarked.

On the other hand, there is a new Julie mystery “Message in the Bottle” coming out in February and some have speculated that new items for Julie have been seen on eBay.

What do you make of this?  It seems to crazy that 2017 would bring Felicity’s re-release, Gabriela McBride 2017 GOTY, Tenney Grant and her drummer Logan, plus additional dolls?


16 thoughts on “Ivy Rumor

      1. Jen Post author

        Exactly! Bring back Ruthie while you’re at it! Julie has always been reported to sell well. Mattel cranks a lot of Barbies out in a year, so there is a precedent for that.
        Hope your holiday was nice!

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      2. MERmade9

        Thank you; it was pretty quiet, but I added a lot to my doll collection this year, including Samantha from Costco, so happy here! Am truly looking forward to: Logan, Ivy (IF she should return and Felicity!

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      3. Jen Post author

        Ooh “added a lot” sounds exciting! Logan = time to sew boy clothes!! I still think Samantha is a great doll — good purchase! No dolls here this year, much to our chagrin. Brianna is itching for Tenney however.

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      4. MERmade9

        I think I’ll like Tenney also and will definitely buy Logan, as it’s high time we had an AG Boy! Bought the black My Life As, as he was $15, but I’m not too fond of his all-plastic body/stiff arms/legs, so he’ll likely go on a yard sale in the future. Got another MLA girl for $10, as our nearly WMart got tons of them before Christmas. In retrospect, I should have waited & used that $25 on Logan. Can sew boy clothes & pass them on to Logan though, as my only boy doll was my Pottery Barn Henry, a much thinner Gotz doll, so at least I’ll have MLA to try them on in the meantime!

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    1. Jen Post author

      Molly story… when Brianna was going to get her first AG in a store she was all set to go get Molly, and they suddenly retired her! It was very sad, though she did get Saige and loves her.
      I think Kirsten needs to come back first 😉

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  1. Jessa

    Hm… I wonder if the Pearl Harbor Asian doll rumors are true and they’re planning on announcing or releasing that doll sooner than 2018? If so, the CS rep may be assuming that someone who misses Ivy would want that doll, especially if they look the same. Curious!

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    1. Jen Post author

      Interesting… I hadn’t connected that rumor to Ivy. Between Pearl Harbor and Z Yang, I can see how the AG rep on Facebook might say “stay tuned” in the sense “because we have a different Asian doll in the works.”

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  2. Sarah&Eva

    That would be so cool if they brought back Ivy! Eva just told me she would like to get her. But, she also wants Gabriela, and three more WellieWishers. And I want the new Felicity and Tenney. I can’t afford all this! AG is realeasing too much this year!

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