7 thoughts on “Gabriela!

    1. Jen Post author

      Hmm… well, my opinions can change with the book … poetry is*a love of mine! At the moment I would say “no” because I am concerned about the hair. I’d have to read up on her on agplaythings. The dolls I do have (Kit, Julie, Maryellen and Addy) have such terrific stories so I think that is a key for me. How about you? I very much support diverse toys and literature for kids!

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      1. jackylina

        I’ve heard SO many great things about her story. I don’t even think I’ve heard anyone who didn’t like it. People are saying it’s the best GOTY book ever. That makes me excited. I not a fan of anything in her collection except for the headphones and her earrings.
        For a long time I debated between getting her or Melody and when I found out she really was just going to be a 46 without any kind of changes I voted for Melody. As of right now, I have no plans of getting Gabby. There is a small possiblity I might make it to the AG store Jan 1st and if I go, I plan to bring my Cecile and take pictures of her with Gabby. I’ve also heard that Gabby is going to stick around longer than just a year and she is NOT going to be the last GOTY.


  1. Flo

    I have mixed feelings about her. I think she’s cute, but she’s simply 46–and why? Any other GOTY has something about her that makes it a special doll. So why did they think it was okay to shortchange a doll at this point? I am also not impressed with the photos I’ve seen of the new packaging. So far the only thing I’ve seen in her collection that I want is the trunk with the accessories and the tap shoes.


    1. Jen Post author

      Yeah, I’m really hoping Felicity will be sold with the traditional box… wishful thinking, I’m sure… I got a catalog today though!



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