OG Review: Perfect Strike!


I don’t usually pay a lot of attention to Our Generation doll items because I can never find them at Target, nor are they always available for shipment.  We were at a Target on vacation (ironically about 10 miles from American Girl headquarters) and I happened upon the “Perfect Strike” outfit.

I was less interested in the bowling theme than getting a nice, casual outfit that I knew would get used a lot.  We can always use some pants, because lately it seems AG outfits only come with short skirts.

Julie is here to model the outfit today.

img_8292The jacket easily fit over a t-shirt and the arm cuff was wide enough to clear Julie’s fingers and hand.  It has a real zipper and the peach knit fabric has a lace/mesh overlay that must be very on-trend because some of the new TrulyMe separates coming out in January also feature it. The lace on the front of the jacket is delicate and should be kept far away from other clothes with Velcro.

img_8294The pants are standard-issue jeggings, but in a pleasant pale blue color that reminds me of the 80s.

Bowling shoes!  So cute.  These OG shoes fit well, and if I could find Julie’s pompom socks, I think there would be room for them.  The shoes are made of a flexible plastic and the tan portion has peach glitter flecks mixed in.

Laces are a bit long!

Laces are a bit long!

The bowling ball has three finger holes, allowing the ball to stay on Julie’s thumb.  It is possible the other two finger holes might align with an Our Generation doll hand.  I appreciate that the bowling ball actually can be used – some of the American Girl sports balls aren’t really functional because the doll can’t hold them.

Comes with three bowling pins

Comes with three bowling pins

This set was 12.99 – I felt I got a lot of value for that small amount of money!  I think it’s a good look for our California girl.


6 thoughts on “OG Review: Perfect Strike!

    1. Jen Post author

      I think I’ll get a lot of use out of it. While I appreciate the fancy historical outfits I tend to gravitate for comfy for my dolls 😃


    1. Jen Post author

      Have you seen the new outfits for TM? The pictures on LADL weren’t all that great, but the outfits and neon had an 80s Madonna kind of thing IMO. I’ll be curious to hear if you see them in person this weekend.
      There was another update in Elena on Via E yesterday. LMK if you want a screen shot. She has eyelashes now!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. jackylina

        SQUEAK! Thanks for letting me know about Elena. I’m using my sister’s facebook account to view the pics. I agree with all the comments. I love her face but her eyelashes all point up and they need to be more rounded. I’m sure that will be changed. Now I’m getting almost as excited for Elena as I was for Tatiana.
        I actually went to the AG store this past Wednesday to pick up Melody’s floral dress and hairstyle set that was 40% off. I did see the new TM outfits and didn’t like them at all. That’s the kind of mesh overlay I don’t like. Your OG one is much better. It was hard to take a really good look at them because the store was SO packed.


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