My Valentine, A Dear Old Girl

This week we have a special doll visiting with us.  My friend is a snowbird and lets us enjoy her Pleasant Co dolls and accessories when she is traveling.  You might recall last year we used this time to send her Nellie for a joint replacement.

Her Pleasant Company Samantha is so beautiful.


One of the first things I noticed about her is that her body is kind of squishy.  Just soft enough that she would be comfortable for a child to cuddle at night.

Her other unique feature is her hair.  Her hair is so thick she is a little difficult to take a picture of because you just get so much hair.  Look at these bangs!


Her wig cap is unusual… it is trimmed with black ribbon and the hair seems to be rooted to black mesh.  It’s very beautiful.


The neck strings are very long and thick – quite different even from our PC Josefina.


Samantha is baking some treats for Valentine’s Day.  Hope your day is sweet, too!



11 thoughts on “My Valentine, A Dear Old Girl

  1. MERmade9

    What fun to see this PC Samantha, Jen! Our PC Molly, Felicity, Kirsten from ’89-’91 don’t have similar wigging, but they are more soft/squishy. 🙂 Flu rages on here, so off to doc today – not how I’d hoped to spend V-Day; hope yours is wonderful!


    1. Jen Post author

      Gosh, so sorry to hear you are still fighting this crud in your house. I had flu once (the real flu) and it went on and on, especially fever. Take it real easy and fluids.


    1. Jen Post author

      Thank you… my friend bought her as a grown up, so she has only seen occasional kid play. My friend also gave her Emily to a child who didn’t have a doll. So kind.

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    1. Jen Post author

      Thank you… that baking set also has a head kerchief (gotta be sanitary) and other pieces. The cakes themselves are from Grace’s GOTY era.


  2. Jennifer Spader

    I really like American Girl Dolls because they are so playful and that’s why I’m a big fan of them because I always take good care of my girls every single day and night by dressing them and changing their clothes by putting their pajamas on right before I get ready for bed and I always sleep with my three girls every single night! I got my first American Girl Doll Kit for a Christmas present when I was sixteen years old back in 2004!



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