Fat Tuesday Strikes Again


“Lanie, you have been so generous letting me and Nellie stay with you this winter.  We would love to make everyone dinner Tuesday night.”

“That would be great, Samantha–help yourselves to the kitchen!”

Samantha and Nellie got together to plan.  Nellie, being Irish, was well aware of the Lenten season beginning.  “Samantha, let’s plan a Fat Tuesday meal!”


They headed to the kitchen looking for ingredients and dishes to use up before Lent.


“Grace must have been making macarons again… they’re everywhere!”

“Nellie, let’s see what we can find in the refrigerator,” Samantha said.


“Umm, French tarts, garlic bread, strawberry lemonade…”

“There are more tarts in a bakery box, too!  Better add those to the pile!”


“It seems like most of the food in the house is rich and indulgent.  Is there anything left in the refrigerator?” Nellie asked.

Samantha looked. “Well… some grapes… and a blueberry bran muffin.  A leftover sandwich….”


“Well, my work here is done,” said Nellie proudly.  “I can’t wait until everyone gets home!”

Samantha and Nellie carried the food to the dining room and waited.  Nellie said, “Do you know some people call today Pancake Day?  That always sounds funny to me.”

Samantha added, “And have you heard the word Carnivale?  In Latin that means meat going away!”

Just then Grace and Lanie came in.  The look on their face was a mixture of surprise and confusion.


“Happy Fat Tuesday!”  Nellie and Samantha exclaimed. “We helped prepare your house for Lent by making a meal of all the rich and indulgent foods, and there were a lot of them!”

Lanie shot Grace a look which said, ‘I can’t believe they cleaned out the fridge!’ Grace quickly recovered from her speechlessness and said, diplomatically, “That was so kind of you to think of us.  Let’s dig in!”

Have you ever had a guest stay with you who has different traditions than your own?  Fat Tuesday and Lent seem to have lots of variations depending on geographic location and type of Christianity.  At our house we have pancakes at church the night of Fat Tuesday and games and beads for the kids.  And nothing goes with pancakes like some King Cake!  I once hosted a recruiting event on a Friday during Lent and guess who had a bunch of chicken salad sandwiches on the menu.  D’oh!  Maybe I wrote this post to relive that faux pas.

12 thoughts on “Fat Tuesday Strikes Again

  1. AGAlways

    We have king cake and a Mardi Gras celebration in French class at school!! My family also got paçzki, the polish filled donuts. This photostory was so cute!!


    1. Jen Post author

      Oh yeah, can’t forget the paczki! The only problem is fitting them in with the pancakes and King cake. For those who are unfamiliar, a paczki is a Polish doughnut a lot like a jelly doughnut except it may have prune filling. In Polish areas they have “Paczki Day” instead of Pancake Day.


  2. grammagump

    Loved the story! Girls after my own heart, that’s for sure. Gramps and I plan to live it up on Fat Tuesday too. His mom and dad used to make paczki every Fat Tuesday and we would drive around town delivering them to the other families. Never heard of Pancake Day but that sounds good too! It is nice that you have that family event at Church that night. I’ve not heard of King Cake………………..


    1. Jen Post author

      I love your story. I bet s homemade doughnut is amazing !
      A king cake is a New Orleans thing. A coffee cake with purple, yellow and green icing with a baby hidden inside. Enjoy!


  3. anotakugirlsworld

    You have such cool holiday traditions, I’m half-Cuban, Irish, native american and lots of other stuff, But we only celebrate Christmas, Halloween, New years, Valentine’s, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and stuff like that.


  4. Xyra & Melody

    In our area it’s Fastnacht day. Back in the day people would make these potato based pastries using up the fat and sugar and yeast that aren’t supposed to be used during Lent. We don’t do that so much, but we still enjoy the fastnachts. They are diamond or square in shape and served with molasses. 🙂 Yummy!

    Pancakes would be awesome too!


    1. Jen Post author

      Interesting! I had to go over to Pinterest to check those out. I see they are sometimes served with syrup. That fits right in with Nellie’s meal.
      I’ve always been interested in the Passover traditions as well, with a similar, and earlier, tradition of cleaning the kitchen of leavening.


      1. Xyra

        😀 Yes, we choose molasses, but Great Auntie DiPawl and Nana Kestrel prefer what’s called Turkey Syrup. I tried maple syrup this morning and that was good too. Our church makes them as a fundraiser and sends home the fastnachts with powdered (10x, confectioner’s) sugar. I like them plain too.
        It’s interesting you mention Passover fastnacht day, etc. have origins in Passover. I think some people forget the connection.


  5. Flo

    Around here it leans more towards the Mardi Gras theme. Sister-in-law found out the hard way that it can be expensive to marry into a Catholic family during lent (3rd dinner option!), so I totally understand your faux pas with the chicken! 😉



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