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Julie’s Hoop Dreams – Product Review

It’s pretty rare for me to see something in the AG catalog and actively pursue it.  Sure, there’s endless neat things for the dolls, but most of it I can carry on without.  Julie’s basketball outfit was not one of those things, however!

Every now and then I will check Amazon to see what is available for American Girl dolls via Prime shipping.  Amazon has most of the items for Melody, Julie, Maryellen, Gabriela… and probably more I haven’t searched on.

So, when Julie’s basketball outfit came up on Amazon, one click had it on the way to my house in two days!  It arrived in the usual Beforever box.


I hadn’t fully appreciated that the trim on the outfit was such a cute green and white stripe.


It comes with 70s style tube socks, and thick ribbon ties for your pigtails, naturally.  Shoes fit with ease!  It also comes with a basketball that is somewhat useless since Julie can’t hold it.


Never mind about the basketball, though, when you look this awesome!  Julie’s open for a pass!


I liked the careful sewing as the trim runs around the armhole.  The outfit it soft and comfy and easy to get on and off.  Definitely appropriate for kids.  This outfit is $34.00 new on Amazon.

I hope to bring you some stories about Julie and her hoop dreams soon.


American Girl Job, Anyone?

Addy Looking Cute with Ida Bean

Are you a stickler for historical detail?  Got a history degree?  Maybe this American Girl job is for you!  Oh, if we could only get one of “us” into a position like this!

Researcher – American Girl

The Researcher is responsible for researching to ensure accuracy and authenticity of American Girl characters, including books and print products, toy product, movies, games, marketing, retail displays and programs, customer service, and customer programs. A foundation of thorough research underlies the company’s content, product, and experiences, and is integral to maintaining and protecting American Girl’s premium status, point of difference, and valuable brand identity.

Full listing at


Pleasant Company-Decked Out Edition

One special memory I have from attending the Madison Children’s Museum doll sale two years ago is the lapel pins many of the volunteers wore.  I thought it was so neat that these ladies, many of them retirees, were still rocking their Pleasant Company historical doll pins in a Mattel era.

I ventured onto eBay to see if I might scoop some up for myself and found they can be purchased very reasonably.

I am the proud owner of:

Now that I am working in an elementary library I have an “excuse” to wear the pins.  I am promoting reading!  (Of course this is just a guise shielding a crazy doll lady underneath).

Today I wore my Josefina pin. I hope at least some of the kids know who Josefina is — one girl told me a few weeks ago she has an American Girl doll.  When I asked which one she said, “The one on the swing.”  (Maryellen, but she didn’t know her name).  I hope the heaps of characters out today don’t diminish the strength of the core characters.

Anyway, it was a small purchase but one I am really enjoying.


AG New Book (Doll?) Series

I stumbled upon this on Amazon — a new book series called “American Girl Like Sisters” to be released at the end of August. Will cousins Emma, Sofia and Zoe also be dolls?  I am assuming so. Perhaps this is the evolution towards giving existing TM dolls a story.

When I read the book description it sure reminded me a lot of Cynthia Rylant’s childrens’ book series “Cobble Street Cousins” in which three cousins live in their Aunt’s grand old house in a cozy attic.  They have adventures like starting a cookie baking business.

I also happened upon the first images of Z. Yang’s books, of which two are listed.

Tenney is getting a 4th book in late September, plus “Tenney’s Journal” which is already out.  The 4th book looks like a continuation of her story with a Christmas theme and does not appear to be a journey book.  Watch for our ‘Girl of the Year, but Not’ to be getting some Christmas outfits, Nashville style.

I didn’t find any books about Nanea, which does make you wonder how they will squeeze her in in 2017 with all of these other book releases.

Maryellen’s New Friends

Maryellen was looking forward to some quiet time around the house on Sunday when most of the girls would be doing homework at friends’ houses or at sports practice.  She grabbed a snack, a good book, and joined Tutu in bed.

Not long after, Addy came in.

“Hey Maryellen, I was just looking for my Algebra book. . . .” Addy’s voice trailed off as her eyes realized the situation before her.


“Are you eating tortilla chips in Isabelle’s bed?! And those are Julie’s slippers!”

Crunch Crunch.  “Don’t worry about it Addy.  The fairies will take care of it.”


Maryellen brushed all the shards of tortilla chips right onto the floor.


“What are you talking about Maryellen?! You’re making a huge mess and Isabelle will kill you if her sheets smell like Taco Bell!”

“My book.  It says I’m helping fairies.”

Addy didn’t know whether to bite and ask what Maryellen was reading or whether to walk away and pretend she never saw any of it.

“You’re reading about fairies?” Addy couldn’t resist.

“I’m reading Betty Bib’s Fairy Handbook.  She is THE expert on all things fairy.”  Addy’s simple question had opened the fairy floodgates and Maryellen kept on talking.


“It says here that it is important to support fairy populations.  In fact, ‘thank-you-note fairies’ and ‘handkerchief fairies’ are almost extinct!  Let me read this to you:

Foraging fairies are very useful to have around.  It’s their job to sweep up forgotten crumbs, which are just the right size for a fairy snack and make a good base for a fairy trifle.  So don’t worry if you drop a few morsels here and there, because you are actually helping to keep up fairy numbers.

“Here, I’ll show you a domestic fairy.  She’s so sweet, Addy!”


“Yeah, I hope there is some kind of ‘Angry Sister Protector Fairy’ because you are sure going to need one when Isabelle gets home!”  Addy grabbed her book and left.

Maryellen shrugged her shoulders.  Anyone doing Algebra on a Sunday couldn’t possibly understand the importance of fairies.  She went back to reading her book.





Over It

We got the new American Girl catalog the other day…as always Brianna and I honored our pact to look at it together first.  No peeking!  Somewhere between then and now I got over my frustration with American Girl’s changes to the dolls, clothing, packaging, and PermaPanties.

Not that I embrace those changes.  Not at all.

I think what I realized is that I’m not a collector.  Now, some may say that anyone who has received/bought three dolls since turning 40 is most definitely a collector, but the prospect of buying AG items in the years to come isn’t really where my fun comes from.

Where my interests fit in to the AG world is in the stories – both the ones written by AG authors, and especially the ones I dream up for the blog.  If I’ve got my Julie, Kit and Addy (Ok, and Brianna’s Maryellen whom I have sort of stolen from her), I have what I need to create stories.  I cherish the outfits I do have, especially some of the Christmas and historical outfits from my mom and my mother-in-law, and I hope that there will be some other quality items to add in the future (Julie’s basketball outfit, I’m talkin’ to you!)


A favorite story from the past “Save the Eagles, Maybe?”

The other thing I appreciate about my “un-collection” is my friendship with all of you.  Whether you are a tween, teen, or way grown-up, we are bucking the idea that dolls are only for little girls.  We all deserve play time!

Whatever Mattel does with American Girl I won’t let it steal my joy.