Maryellen’s New Friends

Maryellen was looking forward to some quiet time around the house on Sunday when most of the girls would be doing homework at friends’ houses or at sports practice.  She grabbed a snack, a good book, and joined Tutu in bed.

Not long after, Addy came in.

“Hey Maryellen, I was just looking for my Algebra book. . . .” Addy’s voice trailed off as her eyes realized the situation before her.


“Are you eating tortilla chips in Isabelle’s bed?! And those are Julie’s slippers!”

Crunch Crunch.  “Don’t worry about it Addy.  The fairies will take care of it.”


Maryellen brushed all the shards of tortilla chips right onto the floor.


“What are you talking about Maryellen?! You’re making a huge mess and Isabelle will kill you if her sheets smell like Taco Bell!”

“My book.  It says I’m helping fairies.”

Addy didn’t know whether to bite and ask what Maryellen was reading or whether to walk away and pretend she never saw any of it.

“You’re reading about fairies?” Addy couldn’t resist.

“I’m reading Betty Bib’s Fairy Handbook.  She is THE expert on all things fairy.”  Addy’s simple question had opened the fairy floodgates and Maryellen kept on talking.


“It says here that it is important to support fairy populations.  In fact, ‘thank-you-note fairies’ and ‘handkerchief fairies’ are almost extinct!  Let me read this to you:

Foraging fairies are very useful to have around.  It’s their job to sweep up forgotten crumbs, which are just the right size for a fairy snack and make a good base for a fairy trifle.  So don’t worry if you drop a few morsels here and there, because you are actually helping to keep up fairy numbers.

“Here, I’ll show you a domestic fairy.  She’s so sweet, Addy!”


“Yeah, I hope there is some kind of ‘Angry Sister Protector Fairy’ because you are sure going to need one when Isabelle gets home!”  Addy grabbed her book and left.

Maryellen shrugged her shoulders.  Anyone doing Algebra on a Sunday couldn’t possibly understand the importance of fairies.  She went back to reading her book.





13 thoughts on “Maryellen’s New Friends

    1. Jen Post author

      When Brianna was little we read The Secret World of Pixie Hollow about a hundred times. It’s one of those “keeper” books.


    1. Jen Post author

      Thank you! It is a really charming book with an author from the UK. Brianna and I have always said we were going to make a fairy garden but haven’t actually started one… yet!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Nonna @ mommysdollclub

    Too funny! I’ve never seen this book but my kids seem to still think this is how fairy’s work (they’re 19, 21 and 23!).

    Although, we do have little fairies painted randomly throughout the house on the molding throughout out house courtesy of one of my kind friends…

    Love the story!


    1. Jen Post author

      It’s a very charming book. I believe this woman also sells hand crafted fairies. I love the idea of painting surprises on the molding!
      I need the help of a sock laundering fairy. I refuse to keep turning kids’ socks right side out after washing!


    1. Jen Post author

      Aw, thanks. Maryellen is the doll I find it easiest to write stories about. Have you read her book? I appreciate her because she is doesn’t always make the best choices because she wants to get attention, but underneath it all she has a very kind heart. This is one of Valerie Tripp’s best AG books.
      My daughter has long been a fan of poems about the English flower fairies.



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