AG New Book (Doll?) Series

I stumbled upon this on Amazon — a new book series called “American Girl Like Sisters” to be released at the end of August. Will cousins Emma, Sofia and Zoe also be dolls?  I am assuming so. Perhaps this is the evolution towards giving existing TM dolls a story.

When I read the book description it sure reminded me a lot of Cynthia Rylant’s childrens’ book series “Cobble Street Cousins” in which three cousins live in their Aunt’s grand old house in a cozy attic.  They have adventures like starting a cookie baking business.

I also happened upon the first images of Z. Yang’s books, of which two are listed.

Tenney is getting a 4th book in late September, plus “Tenney’s Journal” which is already out.  The 4th book looks like a continuation of her story with a Christmas theme and does not appear to be a journey book.  Watch for our ‘Girl of the Year, but Not’ to be getting some Christmas outfits, Nashville style.

I didn’t find any books about Nanea, which does make you wonder how they will squeeze her in in 2017 with all of these other book releases.

4 thoughts on “AG New Book (Doll?) Series

  1. jackylina

    There was a rumor that that is what TM is going to be renamed as -American Girl like sisters. I wonder if Clare Hutton has ever written for AG before. Her name does not sound familiar.


    1. Jen Post author

      I don’t think she has. Her main line of books seems to be a branch of the “Candy Apple” series called “Rotten Apple” where girls who look a bit like Monster High dolls encounter zombie dogs and such. These books normally appeal to 2-3rd grade.
      It looks like this rumor may be partially true!

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  2. IrishAG

    Yay!!! The like sisters books sound great, our cousins also love american girl, and that story sounds like a dream come true! 🙂 Thanks for the info!
    ❤ , IrishAG



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