American Girl Job, Anyone?

Addy Looking Cute with Ida Bean

Are you a stickler for historical detail?  Got a history degree?  Maybe this American Girl job is for you!  Oh, if we could only get one of “us” into a position like this!

Researcher – American Girl

The Researcher is responsible for researching to ensure accuracy and authenticity of American Girl characters, including books and print products, toy product, movies, games, marketing, retail displays and programs, customer service, and customer programs. A foundation of thorough research underlies the company’s content, product, and experiences, and is integral to maintaining and protecting American Girl’s premium status, point of difference, and valuable brand identity.

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5 thoughts on “American Girl Job, Anyone?

  1. Xyra

    I’d love the job, but not if I had to move. Sadly, I do not have the educational qualifications requested either. BA in English, communication skills, the passions listed first, and ability to work independently and write for younger audience…yes. Not sure they’d take my experience with the Goschenhoppen Historians as good enough. Too bad, this is right up my alley of things I would enjoy doing.

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    1. Jen Post author

      I have a BA in English, too. Here’s a joke for you “What will you never hear an English major say?” A: I don’t need a calculator for that.
      I think the jobs sounds interesting,too, except I don’t really have a passion for historical details. I’d rather write fiction.


      1. Xyra & Melody

        I definitely have the passion for historical details. So true about the calculator. Well, I can do sums and a few other calculations in my head, but always double check with a machine. 🙂


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