Lanie and Maryellen ‘Hop to It’

It was a warm spring day, really the first day it was nice enough to be outside without a jacket.  Lanie and Maryellen got outside to clear the dead leaves from around the hens and chicks plants and sedum.  



It felt so good to be outside again and see the plants come back to life after a snowy winter.  Lanie was doing most of the working and Maryellen was doing most of the talking.

“Lanie, did you see that?  The Easter bunny just ran under that bush!”

“Maryellen, what are you talking about now?!” said Lanie, wiping her brow.

“I SAID the Easter bunny ran under the bush.  Look!”


Lanie humored Maryellen and turned around.


A small, scared-looking brown rabbit was indeed hiding under an evergreen.

“Maryellen, I doubt that is an Easter bunny, but it does look like someone’s pet.  It doesn’t look like the grey rabbits that live in our area.  Maybe it is tame and lost?  Why don’t you quietly go into the house and bring some carrots out.  We can see if he’s hungry.”

Maryellen came back with the carrots and laid them peacefully a few feet away from the bunny.

“Look!” said Maryellen.  “He’s hungry!”


The girls knew this was definitely a tame rabbit that wouldn’t be likely to survive on its own.  They cleared out their gardening basket, and sat down, unmoving, on their blanket.

“Stay real still, Maryellen, and he may hop over to us.”


“He’s coming!” whispered Maryellen, trying talk without moving her lips.


“I just know this is going to be the best Easter ever,” said Maryellen.  “We have our very own Easter bunny!”

21st Century disclaimer… you know not to try to capture animals outside, right?  Luckily Lanie and Maryellen can’t get rabies.  Julie was not available to be in this story with “Nutmeg” because she doesn’t want to take off her basketball uniform.  I am grateful for the warm weather.  It’s generating so many blog post ideas.  I really have missed being able to do photo stories outside.  The lighting is never right inside!

15 thoughts on “Lanie and Maryellen ‘Hop to It’

  1. Flo

    Very cute! And a nice reminder at the end about not catching wild animals. Not only is it dangerous for both them and you, in some states it is illegal for certain ones.


    1. Jen Post author

      It’s also interesting that even dead birds such as eagles and other migratory birds are protected, with exceptions for Native Americans.
      Hope some warm weather is wafting your way soon!


  2. char83

    Just a reminder since Easter is coming up, rabbits are not spur of the moment Easter presents. Rabbits can live 10 years and need care and exercise just like a dog does. Please research before getting a rabbit as a pet.


    1. Jen Post author

      Absolutely! If you’re in the market for a cute bunny, Webkinz Signature has adorable stuffed animal versions. I have the English Spot Bunny.
      Nutmeg isn’t the most convincing rabbit AG has produced. The basket is terrific though!!


  3. Xyra

    Adorable! Our first house bunny was a foundling like this. However, it was night time and we knew an owl or other predator might get it, so we weren’t quite as patient. “Quick like a bunny” is an accurate phrase. The tiny creature ran us ragged. When we finally got it, it made a terrible noise, but we got it into a box and everyone calmed down. Huda was a fabulous little bunny! I still miss him.

    Of the AG bunnies, i have Razzie from Hopscotch Hill – I think he is supposed to be a lion head; very cute. I also have Lulu (Lanie’s bunny) and Nutmeg. Both are sweet lop ears, but I’d like to see AG break out of the lop mold and make a nice California or Rex with upright ears. These remind me of our dear departed Fluffy who chose to keep his ears down.

    Target has a great resin line of play toys that includes a rabbit with hutch. I think it is better sized for the minis, but the rabbits are spot on.


    1. Jen Post author

      We have heard that terrible bunny noise. It’s straight from a horror movie. We have a lot of coyotes here and I suspect that is the predator.
      I didn’t know you had rabbit experience! For now we just appreciate the many rabbits in our yard 😉


      1. Xyra

        Yes, it is definitely perfect for a horror movie. Huda was so tiny we couldn’t imagine such a big sound coming from him. He was our first house rabbit and taught us a lot. My heart was broken when he passed. We were sent the triplets: Digger, Flash, and Fluffy; and we learned more about rabbit society. Flash was the last to pass of his brothers and he was the smallest when we brought them home. We were sent Bubbles a couple years ago. He’s a retired classroom bunny; the first that came to us fully grown. So I count every day with him as a blessing.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Jen Post author

      Yep, I’m really enamored with this basketball outfit 🏀 ! The tube socks get me every time.
      I was just on the verge of emailing you to make sure you were OK. I noticed you have been away for a bit.
      I have some other plans for Julie so she has to change into a new outfit eventually!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. jackylina

        Oh, I’m sorry! You’re so kind to be concerned about me! Yeah, I’ve just been really busy lately spending more time with people rather than dolls! haha! I really should have written a post letting readers know I’m fine. I will be posting for Easter.
        Oo! New plans for Julie! I’m excited!


      2. Jen Post author

        Oh good. My thought process was, ‘Haven’t seen Heather around for a while… hope she is OK…. or maybe she and Kanani went back to Hawaii!”

        Liked by 1 person

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