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No Wilmot Sale?

in my prior post about the Madison sale tickets being mailed, reader Kelly shared the following:

I called the Wilmot outlet store and they said they have filled the warehouse and unfortunately there will not be a American Girl sale in Wilmot this year. They have no where to hold it. I am unable to make it to the Madison sale so I was really hoping they were going to have it. Maybe next year. Happy shopping to you all in Madison😁

Thanks, Kelly, for sharing this information as another reader indicated she did not have luck getting information from the Wilmot Mattel outlet.

I wonder what has caused the warehouse to be so full?  Does the relationship with Kohls and TRU have an effect?

It has been years since we hit the Wilmot sale.  I’ll always have happy memories of the first time we went, with no clue how many people would be there, and the thousands and thousands of dollars they were spending (eBay).  At that time the warehouse was unloading a lot of items for McKenna, Cecile and Marie-Grace.  Right now I appreciate the happy memories even more than I could appreciate new doll items.



Madison Sale Tickets Mailed

Kit is ready for summer!

Tickets to the 2017 Madison Children’s Museum Benefit doll sale are in the mail!  We received 9:30.  Not the worst time, but not terrific either.  I have a sneaking suspicion the perma panty dolls are headed to this sale.

Did you request tickets?  What time did you get?

In other news, no word to date on the Wilmot sale.  When I saw the American Girl sale on historical dolls for 98.00, I felt that the company is pursuing options for reducing inventory through their website (and they may make money on shipping this way, too).  If the Madison sale sells a historical for 80-85.00… you are getting pretty close to the price of buying a new, presumably perfect doll, right from AG.