Summer Surprise

Maryellen couldn’t believe how hot it was on the last day of school.  The windows on the school bus were open but it made no difference at all.

She gave her bus driver a hug goodbye and bounded up the driveway.  The front hallway was already piled with backpacks and school folders dropped hastily by her older siblings.

“Summer is finally here,” she said to no one in particular.

She could see Mother through the windows of the Florida room busy with the younger kids outside.  She decided to get out of her sticky dress first.

Maryellen was irked to see someone had left their stuff on her bed.  But wait, there was a note!

Dear Maryellen,

I thought these would be pretty on you.  Happy Summer!

Love, Mom

Maryellen’s heart swelled with joy to know that her mom had bought something special just for her!

She admired the nubby, dotted cotton.  The babydoll pajamas were so fresh and crisp she was sure they would make her feel 10 degrees cooler!

It was so thrilling to have something brand-new.  In her big family, pajamas always were hand-me-downs, and usually had worn, pilled seats and replaced elastic waistbands at that.

She laid down for a few moments to keep the joy of her special pajamas to herself for just a while longer.

I received these pajamas for Mother’s Day.  Maryellen has been wearing them for a while but it is hot today and this story came to me.  It was partially inspired by one of my own experiences.  When I came home from college once, my mom had new flannel sheets on my bed with a pretty floral pattern.  I’ve never forgotten that and still have the pillowcase even though the sheets have long since been loved into oblivion.  I hope in the photo below you can see the detail of the fabric.

6 thoughts on “Summer Surprise

  1. grammagump

    The babydoll pjs are so cute and reminded me that when I moved from Wisconsin to Illinois as a teenager, I received a pair of babydoll pajamas at a going-away party so this story hit close to home.


    1. Jen Post author

      Aw, that’s a great story. Maryellen will be sure to show you them in person. Even though she’s not my doll, I think I have taken permanent possession. I just find it easiest to write little stories for her.



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