And the Award Goes to…


Thank you to my friend Xyra at Tea Time with Melody Q for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award!

The rules are:

Thank the blogger who nominated you! Don’t forget a link!
Give a little history on how your blog got started.
Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
Nominate… bloggers who inspire you.

History of Dolls Between Us

Both my daughter and I have other blogs.  As we got more and more interested in American Girl and started building our collection, I found myself reading doll blogs in addition to other topics of interest.  Both Flo at Say Hello to my Little Friends and Heather at Dollightful Dolls were bloggers I admired.  I now consider them friends.  We also read the now-defunct Doll Diaries blog and had great fun with Camp Doll Diaries every summer.

Eventually we were inspired to try our own blog.  At the time I believe we had Josefina, Addy, Saige, Isabelle and Grace.  We have added a few since then!

Dolls Between Us has been a vehicle for me to write fiction.. a change of pace for this former English major!

Advice to Bloggers

The wonderful thing about the AG blog community is that we all have different interests.  I enjoy writing the most.  Some ladies/girls are phenomenal photographers, and others enjoy putting together doll fashions.  Find your niche and claim your talents without letting others’ talents dim your own personal sparkle!

My other piece of advice is to bring something unique to most blog posts.  Don’t post just to get page views.  Take your time and do your best work and you will find your page views grow with time.

I would like to nominate some newer doll bloggers:

Mer*Made9 who has been on a bit of a blog break but has some terrific fashions!  Her special talent is sewing, which I admire greatly.

Hit the Attic Wall another creative blogger who thinks nothing of swapping eyes and wigs.



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