Rummage Treasures

It’s rummage sale season again, and is there anything more satisfying that unearthing some American Girl treasures?  I think not!

Today Brianna and I hit a moving sale that was managed by an estate sale company.  To me, that usually means high prices.  Some estate sale companies also sell online.  The craigslist ad mentioned American Girl clothes but no dolls.

We were sure to arrive at the opening of the sale.

We walked in the door and I asked where the doll clothes were.  I did not run anyone down (in case you were wondering…) nor was anyone else interested in them.

In one of the bedrooms there was a little box of American Girl clothes all organized in Ziploc bags.

I found..


Kirsten’s On the Trail outfit!

This is one of my favorite Kirsten outfits.  The fabric is so old-timey, yet soft and comfy.


Caroline is standing in as Kirsten — she is my most Scandi-looking girl.

The outfit did not come with the shawl.  That’s Ok.. I often don’t use those pieces anyway.


I love the rosemaling-style detail on the apron.

It’s a pretty outfit without the apron, too.  I look forward to trying it on Addy.


I bought it for $5.00!  I also got a Pleasant Company-era brush for .25.  It looks like the current brushes except the wood is a cherry color.

I bought more, too, but you will have to wait for more posts.  I wanted to showcase this awesome dress.


18 thoughts on “Rummage Treasures

  1. Ydalis

    It is beautiful. How exciting when you find such treasures. I bought a bag of doll clothes for $5 at a garage sale yesterday. I got there at 8am sharp and drove 30mins but so worth it. In the bag were random pieces of AG and non AG clothes including Samantha’s PC meet dress, several of Mia’s, Marisol & Julie items. My girls played for hours! I still can’t believe my luck ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜„


    1. Jen Post author

      What a terrific find, Ydalis! Your girls must have been thrilled! I don’t think we have come across anything for Mia or Marisol. We once lucked into Nicki’s bag with the horseshoe logo on it.
      Are your girls interested in the newer offerings like Z, Melody, Tenney etc.? I work in an affluent school district and few girls have any idea what is going on with American Girl.


      1. Ydalis

        Yes, the oldest loves Tenney & her wardrobe and thinks that Z the cutest ever. But we have no plans of buying any more dolls. The youngest is very happy with her Julie and Gracey (as she lovingly calls Grace) ๐Ÿ˜„


    1. Jen Post author

      Thanks! I think she looks right in it, too. She should have her cow (Garnet??) right alongside her.
      I do admit Caroline is wearing Saige’s sandals. I like my girls to have comfy feet!
      Do you ever hit any sales? I would think with the large population and presence of a flagship store in your area there would be treasures galore!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. jackylina

        hahaha! Funny you should ask! Yes, I did get two bags full of AG clothes recently. Mostly odds and ends (Marisol’s scarf, hair clips, ag mini books) of little accessories and outfits (pjs, a birthday skirt, t-shirt). I’ve seen more AG dolls at our Goodwill too, but I’m not buying anymore dolls until Nanea.


      2. Jen Post author

        That’s terrific… Marisol’s scarf is a great find. At your Goodwill are the dolls in a locked case?
        Nanea … I think her book covers look terrific. I hope her stories are as rich as Maryellen’s… where the character fully comes to life.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. jackylina

        Yes, they are in a locked case, which is a very good thing for me, because if they weren’t I might have brought a beautiful Mattel Kirsten home with me!


  2. Flo

    Wow, now that’s a find! A shawl would be easy enough to make too, you got the most detailed pieces. I can’t wait to see what else you managed to get.

    I am curious though–from your experiences, whenever AG stuff is advertised, is it a crazed frenzy for them, or no? Once in a while I see them in ads but can’t decide if it’s worth going or not.


    1. Jen Post author

      I am so pleased. I have previously professed my love for Kirsten… maybe because my Dad was from Minnesota and I’m Lutheran. My Great Grandfather was one of those bad hombres who got on a ship in Norway, changed his name and came to America.
      The sales… we got there at the very start. No one was remotely interested. This sale had airplane collectibles which may have been the draw. The ad. Pearly said no dolls. When I went back the next day (wait, what?!) most everything was still there. I have gone to sales with outrageous prices though. That’s always a bummer.
      Today is a play day for me so I can work on the next post!


  3. Xyra & Melody

    Congratulations! Great additions to your collection and wardrobe!
    Those are the pieces I would be interested in too. I never thought I’d get Kirsten so never really collected a lot of her things and really wish I had.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your finds!



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