Rummage Treasures, Part 2

Back to the rummage sale finds!  This post will focus on Samantha.  This moving sale household had an early adopter of Pleasant Company Samantha.  Today I have my neighbor’s Samantha in to model.


This is a PC Samantha’s Kimono.  It was $ 5.00.  One doesn’t roam the house in one’s nightgown!

Here we have Samantha’s “meet” hat.

This is an early version of the hat because it has a pink ribbon on the brim which was later changed.  It’s such a substantial hat — so well crafted.  I intended to eBay this, but Brianna isn’t on board with that.  I bought this on the second day of the sale for  $ 1.50 because everything was half off!  Yes, I went back.  Are you really surprised??

Next we have the 1991 travel bag.

Originally there was a rattan hanger so you could transport a doll’s outfit in style.  The small bag can hold accessories or shoes.  This set came with a woven basket the doll could travel in.  Love the Pleasant Company logo tag.

Finally (for this post anyway), we have Samantha’s book strap, which was .10 cents.  It is just the softest leather and buckles like a real watch.  It is shown with another PC find – Molly’s book bag.  I believe Molly’s bag was $ 5.00.  The whole bag is completely functional with buckle straps and some flash cards for on-the-go math practice.  I thought about eBay for the book strap.

The green language arts book is readable and advises the 1940s student that just should rhyme with rust and please do not say jest, jist, or jes’!

I have one more post of rummage treasures to share, which will include the items I passed up.  — reluctantly, as you can imagine.


7 thoughts on “Rummage Treasures, Part 2

  1. blackiesunshine

    I love the 1940s table! that is so funny. If only they still did these things in schools…
    Sounds like you have found some excellent things! Can’t wait to see part Three (and to mourn over the things you missed….)


    1. Jen Post author

      I think it’s pretty neat that the school book is easily readable. The date inside the book is 1941, so I assume it was a real textbook.


  2. Flo

    Some very cool finds! It’s hard when you come across stuff like that to not just take it all, I’ve had that issue with a couple of Craigslist postings.


    1. Jen Post author

      I would have grabbed everything if it were Josefina or Kirsten, but Sam’s collection, though beautiful, isn’t my favorite. I love the squishy PC Sam visiting us right now. Wait till you hear what I left behind 😳

      Liked by 1 person

      1. jackylina

        Uh oh!! I’m trying to guess what you left behind, not her party treats and lemonade set, right? Since Sam’s my favorite doll, I LOVE her collection!


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