Wellie’s Ship Free – 2017

I was looking at the revamp of the American Girl website and it seems Wellie Wishers and their accompanying outfits will ship free for the rest of 2017.

I wasn’t logged in to my account, so anyone should be able to see this promotion.

Have you reset your password?  Any problems?


4 thoughts on “Wellie’s Ship Free – 2017

  1. jackylina

    I’ve heard of people having problems, but I just set mine and it’s fine. All my rewards info is still there. Thanks for the info on the Wellies, I didn’t notice that. Are you excited for the new releases coming in a few days?


    1. Jen Post author

      I just went in and reset my password. No problems. Maybe their system got locked up after the email first went out this morning. I’m not a huge Wellie fan, but I think free shipping is an excellent idea — perhaps better than selling at Kohl’s. I think the website looks nice, too. Maybe my old eyes like the big pictures!!

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