Seen in Stores: Bits and Bobs

Hello friends.  I was at Michaels (craft store) recently and saw a few items that I thought could work for Logan.  I know many Logan-owners eagerly waiting for a bigger wardrobe for this fellow.

I thought the nature lover/dragonfly outfit was particularly cute.  The soccer uniform is blue on top and black on the bottom.  Xyra recently had some dye transfer issues with another brand of doll clothing, so do beware.

If you are looking to see the American Girl new releases with commentary from someone who was there in person, check out The Mouse Lair.  I noted that her close up picture of the hotel’s guide to local restaurants includes Grace’s cafe,  a 50s diner, AG cafe, and a pizzeria.  Could a pizzeria be in the pipeline?

Are you familiar with The Queen’s Treasures?  The make high quality 18″ doll items and also have a line of Little House of the Prairie 18″ doll items.  This weekend they are having a sale amounting to 50% off most everything.  To see the prices you need to create an account.  This fall they are also coming out with a 2-story, foldable 18″ doll house (sturdy wood construction) which will be terrific I think.  I’m ordering a few things for Christmas (for me – insert blushing emoji here!).

Final thought – this week a doll enthusiast found that the AG doll hospital no longer can offer a new head for Lindsey.  If you have an old GOTY and have been waiting for the right time to get her repaired, now may be that time.  This will certainly impact the eBay business for some of the earlier dolls.

Lindsey AG Photo

Hope your Sunday is terrific and you have time to play today!






13 thoughts on “Seen in Stores: Bits and Bobs

  1. marianne Bertoni

    Hi Jen….thanks for heads up on QT and the Michael’s outfits. The Walmart boy outfits are too tied for Logan. I will pick up a Michael’s and see how the fit is. The Walmart outfits do fit a OG custom boy( Sterling) in our doll family.
    Thanks for a good blog….


    1. Jen Post author

      I think Michaels has 15% off everything today after 3 (with coupon). If you try an outfit let me know how it goes or send a picture and I’d be glad to share it. Logan needs to ease up on the musician food to fit in Walmart apparel! Thanks for your comment


  2. jackylina

    Yes, very nervous about that Lindsey announcement. I love my cropped haired Lindsey but I always thought someday in the future I’d get her reheaded back to her original state. Guess that’s never going to happen, but I really want a new Mia head on my Mia doll. Her eyes stick, her hair is thin and ratty and she has a weird vinyl coloring. Hmmm. Wasn’t planning to do that anytime soon. but…..

    Also, Walmart has some good boy clothes out too. I picked up a sweatshirt/shorts outfit and saw two t-shirt outfits too that are super cute. Sometimes the shorts don’t fit the AG dolls though.


    1. Jen Post author

      I wondered whether the decision to not stock Lindsey has any relation to the soon-to-be-launched custom design a doll. Would the dolls be assembled in the US? In Wisconsin? It would seem to be complicated if the orders had to go to a factory in Asia, be shipped here, and shipped to consumer.
      Would prices of NIB character dolls go up on eBay?? or Would people just try to create a reasonably similar doll in the create your own program at a cost of (reportedly) $200? Brianna does not like the idea that someone could possibly recreate Kanani.
      Our doll needing help is Saige.
      Thanks for passing along tips on Logan’s wardrobe.

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  3. Flo

    The Lindsey announcement is a concern for all GOTY dolls, particularly the older ones. I do understand though why eventually they would quit stocking parts. I’d be curious to know if there are any of their older Truly Me/Girl of Today (etc) that are no longer available as well.

    Anxious to see the folding dollhouse from QT! I’ve not picked up any of their furniture items, but they all look to be well made. I’ve been tempted to buy the 1930s kitchen pieces and do a set up for Kit, but then I’d have to figure out where to store it, so I’ve been good.


    1. Jen Post author

      I love their kitchen pieces too. I did pre order the spatter ware which comes out in Oct. I like the fact that some of the pieces are wood (and more breakable items resin). I’m excited to get a number of things in there that have been on my Amazon wish list for a while. The new “copper” pots would be awesome for Grace!


  4. Brenda Savage

    I have used some older AG pieces for our boy doll. The hiking outfit with the brown/blue trim hiking boots. Kit’s hobo outfit is cute. I also have an older AG ski sweater that works well. That is interesting about he GOTY dolls. Thanks for the heads up!


  5. Xyra

    That nature lover outfit is cute. These would be nice for Logan. I agree with Brenda many of the older pieces (early 2000s and earlier) would be good for him. The styling was more boxy and in earth or classic color tones.



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