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Bring on the Cotton Candy!

What better way to start Monday than by celebrating National Cotton Candy Day!  Do you pick the pink or the blue cotton candy at the carnival?

img_7927How about forgetting that sticky mess and having a Cotton Candy Frappuccino like Isabelle? Starbucks has them on sale today.


Did you know that the Cotton Candy frappuccino is one of the “secret” drinks you can ask for at Starbucks?  There’s a Butterbeer frappuccino, a Pokémon Go frap, and even a cupcake frappuccino!  Most are made with a regular vanilla frappuccino with 4-5 added pumps of various syrups, bringing the drink to 60-70 grams of sugar, about double the amount in real cotton candy.

Cotton candy fact for the day: in England they call it candy floss.

Have a sweet day!


Beckie’s First Day Out

By Rebecca Rubin

Today was my first day A.W. (after warehouse) and what an exciting day it was. I woke up to a view of Lake Mendota. Madison is an isthmus–a skinny bit of land between two lakes.

We took a car ride to Cave of the Mounds, a cave formed 400 million years ago which continues to grow stalactites and stalagmites. I waited in the car because the cave gives “cave kisses” which means it drips a lot of water on your head! You can remember the difference between the two cave formations because stalactites hang tight to the ceiling.

After Cave of the Mounds we traveled down the road to Mt. Horeb “The Troll Capitol of the World”! You can visit trolls in front of many shops and businesses. Did you know trolls can live for hundreds of years? In Norwegian folklore they are simple beings who are known for guarding treasure.

Trolls in a museum

Root Beer Troll

I don’t recall hearing about trolls from my Russian grandparents, but I do know about domovoi — a Russian house spirit who lives under the stove.  It is important to keep your domovoi happy or he might rebel!  In Sweden they have tomten, which are similar.

The troll stroll made me hungry, so we stopped at a Swedish bakery. They had Princess Torte which Jen had seen on the Great British Bake-Off. it is covered in green marzipan.


It was a pretty exciting first day out.  I dream of being an actress someday, so I try to soak in all of the experiences and people (and trolls) I come across.

See you soon!

Confirmed: St Louis American Girl Sale

DBU Reader Carolyn shared this today:

I just spoke with a lady at the AG Warehouse in Wilmot. They will not be having a sale there this year (2017).

They will be having what they call a pop up sale in St. Louis at the Mall that the AG store is in but not at the store itself. The sale starts August 3rd and will run 10 days. No info on what will be there.

St. Louis readers-let me know what details you find out. I am traveling home from MCM today. If there is a sale and you attend, I'd love to share some of your photos on the blog!

It's hard to imagine a 10 day sale. Maybe it will be like the outlet store that used to exist in Oshkosh? AG just keeps us on our toes lately.
Confirmed: Sale is Aug 4. You can follow Facebook for more information

Getting Spacey-Luciana 2018

Today we received our first clue that the 2018 GOTY will have a space theme. You can see the leak of her t-shirt at Poppets and Posies.

Her first name is Luciana which Wikipedia says means gracious light. It is a popular Italian and Spanish name. Her last name is Vega, which does mean meadow (Las Vegas) and is also the name of the 2nd brightest star in the northern hemisphere.

Could we have a brainy Italian-American beauty? Maybe….

Reflections on MCM Doll Sale

Brianna and I had 9:30 tickets this year.  We left our hotel at 7:00 and stopped at our usual Panera en route.  I wanted to allow plenty of time because last night the organizers sent out an email saying that field parking would not be available due to flooding.  We were directed to the Ice Center, which is in the same office park.  Shuttle was provided in the form of a school bus.  It was convenient and it was separate from the shuttle going to affiliated hotels.  Win!

We arrived and enjoyed seeing all of the crafts and silent auction items.  Some silent auction items included

  • Addy scenes
  • Kailey’s surf items
  • Kirsten’s quilt, St Lucia wreath etc 
  • Lanie’s hammock and garden apparel
  • Matching girl and doll outfits from the early AG dolls

The silent auctions end at various times, such as 10:00 am, and many have minimum bids of $50-100.00

By 8:30 we were waiting our turn to line up in the tent, but they were running 30 min behind. We thought we would be lining up around 9:00 but the 8:15 group hadn’t even been called.  Oh no!  When we were called to wait with the other 9:30 tickets we made conversation with a blueberry farmer and her young daughters from Iowa.  It was their first time getting a doll!

One tent to wait in and another to wait to wait in!

We entered the warehouse for our 9:30 slot around 10:45.  On Twitter the organizers said that the large amount of merchandise was slowing people down in the warehouse.  More on that later.

Once in, we saw Kaya, Rebecca, Caroline, Kit, Julie, Addy, Samantha, Melody, Maryellen.  Earlier attendees also saw Molly (?!?) and Emily @ 100.00.  Beforever outfits predominantly.

There were ample Lea, Isabelle and Grace dolls.  

Also saw JLY/TM dolls in the pink dress with no Permapanties.  Unfortunately no #41 which I had my eye on.

So Many Dolls, No #41

Books… not particularly cheap IMO at 6.00 for the more current Beforever titles.

Very little clothing for dolls.  Cheer outfit, Lea’s outfits, Melody’s summer outfit, 2013 purple peacock pjs, various flip flops for girls.  Beforever mini dolls.

We attended in 2014, and to me, the sale didn’t seem all that different, except for the presence of big items for Lea.  If you attended I am interested in your opinion.

We brought home Isabelle to be auctioned at our church’s holiday bazaar.  We hope to have a crafty parishioner make her a quilt or bed.  We also bought the beauty salon scene for $ 2.00 to go with Izzy.  I think the scenes are so nice to have. We picked up a doll for a friend.  Surprisingly only one doll for us… 


We witnessed no Black Friday type behavior, thankfully.  We saw our new acquaintance from Iowa at checkout and the girls were thrilled with 4 dolls!  My takeaway this year is that the sale offers the most to the beginning doll lover, or to someone buying gifts.  

Prices for Sunday are below:

Scenes from the MCM Sale

Hi Doll Friends, we are back from the 30th Anniversary AG Benefit Sale.  Here are some pictures and I be back later with some thoughts (when I get my iPad on wifi!)

Life in the tent. Spent 1 hr here

Young dancers entertain

Let us in!!!

Silent auction and buy me now dolls included Emily, Molly, Ivy

There was some hubbub about partial sets of recoding studio and fruit hut

Melody items but little for Maryellen

Make Room, Girls!

What better time to add a doll to the family than 48 hours before the American Girl Benefit doll sale?!

I’ll give you a few easy clues…


There are braids….

IMG_0268And lovely gray eyes and cheeks with a subtle blush…


It’s Pleasant Company Molly!

Molly comes from my sister-in-law, who bought her at the Madison Museum sale about 16 years ago.  Molly has been in a box ever since.  She is in terrific shape but will need to be restrung very soon because her legs are dangling.  I don’t mind investing the money in  this high quality doll and will send her to the doll hospital this summer before school starts up and life gets busier.

After spending 16 years in a sweater and a wool skirt (in the southern US, no less!) I thought Molly might want to get into something a little breezier for the summer.


She is lounging in our sunroom in Maryellen’s summer PJs.


Molly was the first doll Brianna wanted back in 2nd grade, because she also wears glasses.  We were all set to take our first trip to AGP-Chicago to get Molly, and Molly was retired about 2 days before our trip.  Crushing!  She ended up with Saige instead and life went on.

At first we were going to pass on Molly (no room at the inn!!), but my sis-in-law really wanted her to come to live with us, and after she sent pictures, that sealed the deal.  It’s kind of like people who “just look” at cats or dogs on the Humane Society website and find themselves unable to say no to another fluffy friend.

We couldn’t be happier she is here!