Disco Diva!

Hi to all the Dancing Queens and Bad Girls reading the blog today.  It’s Julie here to tell you about a neat way to make your clothes look like you just came from skating down at Venice Beach.

I saw these far out jeans in the Sears’ catalog.  Can you see there is a real shoe lace on the skate?!

These are the greatest pants ever, but I don’t think they come in my size.

Jen saw a great way I could get a similar look.  She found these patches at Michaels.

The roller skate looks just like my dream pair of tennis shoe skates!  It sticks right to your jeans.  If you can’t have a patch on your back pocket, a knee is an OK choice too.  Some kids like to sew their patches to a zip front sweatshirt.

Jen here – I really love this little patch.  It isn’t very sticky and would need to be sewn down for long-term use.  I would love to find Julie a blue zip front sweatshirt (Etsy!) and make a permanent home for the patch on it.  I remember kids in school who would get patches from state and national parks and sew them on the back of sweatshirts.





12 thoughts on “Disco Diva!

  1. Sharry

    Far out! Those patches are just too much! Now all you need is some iron on paper and make Julie a groovy t-shirt w/ a cool 70s graphic to go w/ those jeans!


    1. Jen Post author

      Thanks Heather! It’s always fun to find an inexpensive doll find. I haven’t had Julie out much lately and it was great to get her back in the mix!

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    1. Jen Post author

      Wow, that is impressive!! I didn’t realize at first that there was an actual lace on the back pocket. When I realized it was there, it was all the groovier. I came across it on Pinterest


      1. Jen Post author

        In high school I had Girbaud jeans that black distressed denim pockets and the jeans were blue. They were “boss”!


      2. Xyra & Melody

        I still have both my fringe jackets. Love them too much to part with them. The one is brown suede, the other is distressed denim. I think Bon Jovi wore one similar in one of the early videos. ;-D

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