Getting Spacey-Luciana 2018

Today we received our first clue that the 2018 GOTY will have a space theme. You can see the leak of her t-shirt at Poppets and Posies.

Her first name is Luciana which Wikipedia says means gracious light. It is a popular Italian and Spanish name. Her last name is Vega, which does mean meadow (Las Vegas) and is also the name of the 2nd brightest star in the northern hemisphere.

Could we have a brainy Italian-American beauty? Maybe….


2 thoughts on “Getting Spacey-Luciana 2018

    1. Jen Post author

      I’m feeling optimistic! The tshirt reminds me of what you might find at Justice, which I think is good in the sense that the GOTY should reflect her times. The exciting thing is we can’t even assume she is a classic mold (after Grace and Lea) since they are surprising us with a new mold for Nanea.

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