Beckie’s First Day Out

By Rebecca Rubin

Today was my first day A.W. (after warehouse) and what an exciting day it was. I woke up to a view of Lake Mendota. Madison is an isthmus–a skinny bit of land between two lakes.

We took a car ride to Cave of the Mounds, a cave formed 400 million years ago which continues to grow stalactites and stalagmites. I waited in the car because the cave gives “cave kisses” which means it drips a lot of water on your head! You can remember the difference between the two cave formations because stalactites hang tight to the ceiling.

After Cave of the Mounds we traveled down the road to Mt. Horeb “The Troll Capitol of the World”! You can visit trolls in front of many shops and businesses. Did you know trolls can live for hundreds of years? In Norwegian folklore they are simple beings who are known for guarding treasure.

Trolls in a museum

Root Beer Troll

I don’t recall hearing about trolls from my Russian grandparents, but I do know about domovoi — a Russian house spirit who lives under the stove.  It is important to keep your domovoi happy or he might rebel!  In Sweden they have tomten, which are similar.

The troll stroll made me hungry, so we stopped at a Swedish bakery. They had Princess Torte which Jen had seen on the Great British Bake-Off. it is covered in green marzipan.


It was a pretty exciting first day out.  I dream of being an actress someday, so I try to soak in all of the experiences and people (and trolls) I come across.

See you soon!

18 thoughts on “Beckie’s First Day Out

  1. Roxie

    How interesting! And you right about domovoy!
    Thank you for sharing your experience, Next time in Madison we will sure check out caves and trolls!


    1. Jen Post author

      It’s a fun, and close-by, outing. My daughter also enjoyed visiting the Capitol. They have a brochure where you can go hunting for fossils that occurred naturally in the various types of fancy stone.
      Glad you know about the domovoi! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Flo

    Looks like everyone had a good time! Mt. Horeb is an interesting place for sure. When we were there, we ate at a restaurant called The Grumpy Troll, it was very good! Somehow we missed the carved ones though. We also toured those caves. There is quite a bit to do in that area, we were surprised. Wisconsin as a whole has a lot of things to do and see.


  3. Xyra

    Look slike a great day was had by all. I love the A&W troll, so funny! i may have to search for a recipe for the princess cake, but I’ve never worked with marizipan. Was it tasty? Would you get it again?


      1. Xyra

        Very nice! I think Kirsten will have to look into this Swedish tradition more. Looks like it might be great for a post or two.


      2. Jen Post author

        And it is even more fun if you say “princesstortaa”. I think the recipe on the British Bake off was Mary Barry’s.


  4. MERmade9

    Fun post; I’m kinda ‘envious’ as I want Rebecca to live w/me — maybe some day! Guess I’ll have to send you some cash so you can get her for me @ the Warehouse Sale next year – HA!


    1. Jen Post author

      Rebecca has been really lovely… I’d say buy her when there is a 20% code because with 6.00 tax and shipping you’re about at the same price ๐Ÿ’•



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