Nanea Preorder

Nanea (with parts of her collection included) is up on the American Girl website today for pre-order with free ship for Berry and Gold level rewards members. (Assuming you can log in and the computer doesn’t think you’re named Janice.)

  • Confirmed her name is na-NAY-ah, which means delightful and pleasant
  • I noticed she has subtle eyelash paint, which reminds me of what some bloggers have done to glam up their dolls (see We’re All Mini Mad and Say Hello to my Little Friends blogs)
  • Love her lip color!
  • Her full name is Alice Nanea Mitchell
  • The book says they came to Oahu 6 months ago as a military family.  I’m eager to discover Nanea’s heritage.
  • This is my first view of the pajamas-so pretty!  I think they will be amazing on Kanani or Lea as well

I hope the launch of the Create a custom doll (now moved to next week) doesn’t overshadow Nanea’s big splash.  They’re only 2 weeks apart, and fall at a time when most people with children are busy paying school feels and squeezing in one last family vacation.

Your thoughts on Nanea?  Any chance you will preorder and possibly receive her before the launch date?


13 thoughts on “Nanea Preorder

    1. Jen Post author

      I’m really liking the pieces of her collection I have seen so far. We are contemplating coming down for the launch but debating about spending the train money . . . .

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  1. Gloria

    Good morning,
    I am a “berry” member but by the time I went on at 10:30, she was backordered. She is a very pretty doll. I guess I can wait to see her. I would definitely like to read her books too!


    1. Jen Post author

      That’s just crazy that it was backordered. They had the same problem with the hotel last month. I did hear some people called the store and had a personal shopper do the transaction for the Nanea bundle. Really love the pajamas and the necklace that comes with the accessories.


  2. Flo

    I’m just glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I read the first part of this!!!! ROFL!

    After seeing the new photos of her I really like her, but I still want to see her in person before I buy her. I did notice her eyes, I know there were a lot of questions when the first photos were released as to what they had done, much easier to see what they did now.

    –Flo aka Shannon aka Janice


  3. Xyra

    Won’t be pre-ordering, but I hope she stays around for more than a couple of years. Very pretty! Looking forward to seeing more of her collection.



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