It’s All About the Rods and Cones

Julie Eclipse

“Hey Isabelle!  How was tennis practice?”

“Great!  Um, Julie … why are you sitting in the driveway by yourself?”

Isabelle Tennis Ag

“I’m waiting for the eclipse!  But don’t worry, I have sunscreen on.”

“Julie!  What about your eyes?  Those Target sunglasses don’t stand a chance against the sun.  Girl, protect your rods and cones!  Come inside with me and we’ll see what Josefina is up to.”

Josefina Nanea

“Josefina, I found Julie in the driveway trying to view the eclipse with Our Generation sunglasses on!  The safe viewing glasses have been sold out for weeks!”

“Ah, not a good idea.  I’m too busy in here to bother with the moon and the sun.  The new Nanea book arrived!  I can’t put it down.”

Josefina Necklace

“I totally forgot about Nanea!” said Isabelle.  “We have to hop on the American Girl website and study her collection!”

“That sounds much safer that watching the eclipse,” said Josefina.  “AG release party in Isabelle’s room in 5 minutes!”

What are your plans today?




2 thoughts on “It’s All About the Rods and Cones

    1. Jen Post author

      I voted for Nanea, too! We were coming home from the orthodontist at noon and a local library had glasses that people could borrow and pass on. So we saw it, but being so far north it wasn’t really all that exciting.
      We have our work cut out for us at AGP! I still haven’t fully processed the release.

      Liked by 1 person


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