September Catalog

Hey doll fans, if you have the American Girl app, the September catalog is now available for download!  Terrific photos of Nanea, whom we were excited to see in person at AGP-Chicago yesterday.  Not only did we meet Nanea, but we also met Heather from Dollightful Dolls for tea! We will definitely share a report about our purchases soon 💗. We are still squeezing a bit more fun out of the summer.  I went back for a half day of work today, but now we are off to see the movie “Leap”!

7 thoughts on “September Catalog

  1. Flo

    How fun! Can’t wait to hear more about it. Will have to check out that catalog since I’ve gotten absolutely nothing in the mail so far.


  2. Jennifer Spader

    I really want Nanea American Girl Doll because she is my favorite! I always wanted her so that I can take good care of Nanea by giving her a lot of love so that she can be with my other doll friends that are standing on my new dresser! I have a total of nine American Girl Dolls including Kirsten Larson that belongs to my cousin Taylor Clark who passed away unexpectedly!



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