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Happy Birthday Saige!

Today is Saige’s official birthday!  She would be turning 14–how times does fly!

I took Saige out for a quick fall photo shoot.  
She was Brianna’s first AG doll picked out in person.  We took a coach bus on a Chicago Holiday shopping excursion offered by our recreation department on a December day that was insanely cold.  People had to wait in their car to board the bus because it was deadly cold out.    Saige joined Josefina and we had two New Mexico girls on our hands.

Saige even inspired us to take a family trip to New Mexico!

Her hair tends to be a fit of a frizzy mess, but somehow she has never quite made the cut for a doll hospital head replacement.  We are just used to Saige the way she is and a new head seems so extreme.

I found a pretty fall leaf on a walk with my husband.  We have very little fall color due to a warm, dry fall.  The leaf just fit in her hand without any help.  I’m grateful for any opportunity for outdoor photos before winter comes.

Do you have Saige in your doll family?  If so, how did she come to join your family?


Review: Z’s Rainy Day Outfit

I recently reviewed — OK gushed — over Z’s book.  As usual, I’m a sucker for those AG stories!  When Brianna and I met Heather from Dollightful Dolls in Chicago, this outfit was on my list of things to see in person.

As you guessed, I brought it right home with me!

Here we have Pleasant Co Josefina in the garden on a crisp fall day.

The quilted vest is fully lined with fleece and embroidered with the Z Crew logo.

Her cotton t-shirt also has the AG star logo on the sleeve.

The boots!  They are thick just like real Wellies and are even lined with a flocked type of material.  You can see how realistic they are in the photo below.

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that they are very difficult to put on.  Josefina needs some tiny Wonder Bread bags to help her get her boots on.  This is what kids did when I was little back in Julie’s day!

Zcrew Josefina

This is a perfect outfit for heading to the pumpkin patch, or for cheering on a sibling at a soccer game.  I’m pleased with the purchase and glad to have some of Z’s Seattle-inspired collection.