January Release Review!

We are sitting at a coffee shop, sweet espresso drinks in front of us, ready to weigh in on the latest release from American Girl.  Ready? Let’s go!

Brianna: The dinomite outfit is so adorable! I love the T-Rex tee and the graphic design type shorts are really cool! The hightops are also a great addition I think!

Jen: I think the shorts would be great on a girl, too.  Wish they were available separately.  Brianna, what do you think about the boy dolls in general?

Brianna: Overall, I think the boy dolls are okay. I wish American Girl had stuck to girl dolls but now that there are boy dolls I think there is a greater number of play options for younger children. Personally, most of the boy dolls could pass for girls with short hair. Especially, the blonde one and Asian one. What do you think Jen?

Jen: My favorite one is the African-American boy — love the natural hair.  I’m not lining up to buy one, though.

Brianna: This outfit is super cute! I love the dress and sandals but I don’t think the pom-pom headband is necessarily needed.

Jennifer:  The pom poms are definitely from the t-shirt they sold last spring.  I am pretty sure the design at the bottom of the skirt goes all the way around based on the catalog image.  This will sell well!

Brianna: The Split-Front Dress is … well… interesting. I like the overall color of the outfit but the fact that the front of the dress is completely split is anything but. The outfit doesn’t even come with shorts to go underneath the dress!

Jennifer:  This outfit is a dud.  How can you sell something that is completely unusable without buying shorts to go with it?  The shoes don’t come with it either. Kids everywhere are going to want these new dresses that show your underwear!  I hope this isn’t a case of AG having a certain number of yards of tulle and trying to figure out how to get the most outfits from a limited amount of fabric.

Brianna: This outfit is so cute! It’s patriotic and represents the Winter Olympics! The only thing I wish they had done was to do a separate Olympic outfit that didn’t necessarily represent any nationality so that AG buyers in other countries would also have an Olympic outfit.

Jen: American Girl doesn’t like to sell to our friendly neighbors to the north, anyway, so nationality isn’t a big issue.  Anyhoo… I liked this outfit so much I bought it!  They had me at “limited edition” and “while supplies last”.  Plus, it’s a pair of pants!  Rarely seen in the AG universe lately.  Look for a review soon!

Brianna: This outfit is so-so. I love the galaxy converse like shoes and the aqua jacket and shorts. I’m not a fan of the turtle-neck sweater though.

Jen: Love the shoes… I’m not a huge fan of the outfit but do appreciate the color choices.

Brianna: Another so-so outfit. I absolutely love the rhinestone blue capris! The purple slippers are fine, but I dislike the pink top. The collar looks very strange, and it looks babyish.

Jen: The neckline is called an envelope neckline, and you are right — you often see it on baby undershirts.  Leggings are awesome, but the whole thing together seems strange to me.

Thank you for joining us for our review of the new release! We would love to hear your thoughts on these outfits or others in the release.  Anything make your “wish list”?



9 thoughts on “January Release Review!

  1. Gloria

    Hi, Jen and Briana,
    I enjoyed reading your reviews and agree with so much of what you said.
    I liked the first coral outfit, dress and shoes, agreeing that the headband does nothing to enhance the outfit. I would consider buying this one.
    I did not care for anything about the split-front dress. That will surely be on their clearance page down the road.
    I, too, like the red, white, and blue outfit. American Girl not only doesn’t sell to our friends north of us but does not sell overseas as well . American Girl Doll fans outside of the US are forced to either buy from Ebay or try to find someone with a family member in the US who would be willing to buy and then ship it to them. That seems odd when you consider Amazon and so many other big companies will ship anywhere.
    I like the short outfit too, I love the aqua-blue/light teal color on the jacket and tennis shoes.
    Lastly, the final outfit you reviewed would be more apt to sell for a Bitty Baby.
    In all fairness, I have not seen any of these outfits in person so it is possible that my opinion could be swayed a tad should I see them.
    I am hoping for a free shipping code soon. I do order things often but hardly ever get a catalog with a 20% off coupon either. They seem to send them to some and not others. I wish I knew what criteria they use when mailing out those magazines.
    Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed and for posting these reviews.


    1. Jen Post author

      I agree that it seems odd that they haven’t made much of an effort to sell outside the US.
      I haven’t seen a catalog with a coupon in forever.. when our order came DD was surprised at the cost and then noticed the shipping. We have been lucky, though, that usually we are buying Beforever and those items are often sold on Amazon.
      It looks like Nanea and Maryellen are getting new things in February, so I’m eager to see them!


  2. Flo

    I was surprised we actually got some outfits with sleeves this time!!! I haven’t ordered anything from the new releases just yet, but there are a couple of things on my wish list.


  3. jackylina

    Yep! Pretty much agree with everything you said also! Can’t stand that split front dress! ICK! Really, none of these clothes make me want to jump up and get excited over at all. LOVED reading your thoughts and comments though! Are you going to have another coffee party and review more of Luciana? I’d be curious!


  4. MERmade9

    Hi Jen! Wanted to pop in & let you know that IF you/your DD are still interested in making earrings/other jewelry for dolls there’s a new/more comprehensive Craft Guide available from Lee & Pearl, which includes all doll sizes (18, 16 and 14 1/2″), as well as details on piercing your dolls ears yourself and priced @ $3.99. Thought it might be of interest to you/DD for summer crafting. Link @ bottom of article between last 2 photos. I have NOT yet purchased it, but wanted to let you know while I’m thinking of it.



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