TBT: Addy’s Birthday

It’s Throw-Back Thursday!  Time to share a retired outfit that doesn’t see the light of day nearly enough.  All are welcome to participate.

Today I am featuring Addy’s birthday pinafore.  It was introduced in 1994 and retired in 2013.  I purchased mine that the Oshkosh Outlet Store (no longer in existence).  The outfit appears on the cover of Addy’s 4th book, “Happy Birthday Addy!”


The blouse and pinafore are separate garments.  The puffy sleeves, while not becoming on Jerry Seinfeld, are to die for on Addy.

The pinafore has tiny pockets with rick-rack trim.


It comes with a brown snood decorated with two yellow bird feathers, to remind Addy “to always let her spirit sing out.”  I have never had luck getting the snood on Addy’s head!


Addy is enjoying a rest in the summer shade, allowing you to see the lovely stockings that come with the outfit.  No shoes are included; she would wear her “meet” boots.


Looking good Addy!

P.S. Addy is my first AG (pre-BeForever).  I got her for my 40-something birthday from my mom.  Best gift ever!  Brianna and I read most of the AG books together when she was in 1st-2nd grade.  I thought Addy’s story could be a little disturbing for a 1st grader, but Brianna was Ok with historical drama.


9 thoughts on “TBT: Addy’s Birthday

  1. Gloria

    I loved reading all the historical books to my granddaughters. I presented them with the 6-book sets of historical books year after year starting at around 4 years of age. I read many to them but each has developed the love of reading and continued to read them alone. About 10 years ago, I gifted my 6-year old granddaughter with the Addy books. She said, “thank you, I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but I kinda like the whitish girl dolls”. I told her that I understood and assured her that they were her Auntie’s favorite books when she was younger and that if she didn’t like them, I would buy her a different set. She decided that she would read them and as it turned out, she loved them and they became her favorite 6-book set. Yes, they can be pretty sad but what a wonderful way to teach our girls about history. She grew in her understanding of exactly what happened to the African American people and how sad it must have been to have had a family member sold. We did a lot of talking about these books. I would recommend reading that set with your child so that you can help them through those sad parts. She became a much more understanding and empathetic girl. I would recommend everyone (father, mother, and child) read those 6-book sets, they are incredible! You will not want to put them down, guaranteed.


    1. Jen Post author

      Fantastic story, Gloria. You were wise to encourage her to experience the stories and let her know you would provide other books if needed. I appreciate that fact that Addy’s stories enlighten us about discrimination in the South AND in the North too.


      1. Gloria

        Hi, Jen,
        I read numerous “Meet” books to my girls, if not the entire 6-book set of the first 6 or 7 historical dolls, before they were able to choose the doll they wanted. That way they were chosen, by not only their looks, but by their stories. I only purchased historical dolls for my grandchildren so when they play with their dolls, they kinda feel like they are a real person as they know who they are from the books. Sadly, I know so many children who have American Girl dolls who have never read a single book or had their parents read one to them. Too me, they are just too expensive to not appreciate their whole background. I love the reasons why the creators of these dolls designed them. The books are interesting to me still, I love them, and therefore love the beautifully crafted dolls too!


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