American Girl Benefit Sale Prices 2019

Some preliminary prices for dolls at the upcoming Madison Children’s Museum Benefit Sale were released today, and they are crazy good!

Addy $30.00 limit 10!!!!

Gabriela $85.00

Isabelle $85.00…. how many of these do they still have???

Kit in the Costco package set $85.00

Melody $30.00 limit 10

Tenney $40.00 limit 10

Truly Me assortment $25.00 and up

Wellies $20.00

No word yet on Grace, Luciana, or Samantha and Julie. The complete price list is usually posted the week of the sale, which is July 20-21, 2019.

I recommend following American Girl Benefit Sale on Facebook to keep up with current information. We don’t have tickets this year, but if we did I would choose Melody. It’s very tempting!! You can read about our past adventures at the dolls sale here.


5 thoughts on “American Girl Benefit Sale Prices 2019

  1. MERmade9

    Oh Jen, I’d love to live somewhere near WI every July! Would be wonderful to attend @ least once, but imagine traveling there from AZ would offset the savings. 😥 Hope IF you decide to attend that you & your DD have a wonderful day.


    1. Jen Post author

      Depends on how many you buy LOL! The prices are great but the best part is being amongst AG fans. You would enjoy seeing the crafters. I’ve always dreamed of a blogger meet up there.

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  2. jackylina

    If you and Flo and anyone else ever really do have a meet up there let me know and I will totally go!!
    I was wondering if there might be any Costco Molly dolls. Guess not. Addy for $30! Wow!! The everlasting Isabelles! hee!


    1. Jen Post author

      Maybe we should try for next year and see if we can make it happen?
      I wonder too about Costco Molly… maybe there aren’t enough to announce yet. Usually they have had all of the current historical dolls just in varying quantities.
      It’s confounding how there are so SO many Isabelle’s. They made a lot? She’s blond and a dancer which seems like their formula for success.
      It makes me sad that they’re selling the African American dolls for less than the Caucasian dolls.

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      1. jackylina

        Yes!! That would be super neat to try and do it next year!!
        Isabelle was AG’s most popular and best selling GOTY and I think towards the end they produced WAY too many dolls.
        I totally agree with you about Addy. What kind of message does that send. Sad. I’m still not over Gabby either. The message AG sent by not making her a special unique doll like every other GOTY in existence… shakes head.


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