American Girls in Canada

We took a family vacation this month to Toronto, and I was so happily surprised to come across an Indigo Chapters store (like a big Barnes and Noble) where they have an AG boutique within the bookstore.

The store is a little bit smaller than your average GAP store in the US. They offer doll hair styling but no tea parties or create your own doll/clothes.

Hair styling station in right side, background, of photo above. No customers alas. The doll sitting poolside (or is it puddle-side?) isn’t looking too comfortable!

I saw the newly released outfits. This is a cute display.

They were featuring the summer camp items, and I was tempted by the s’mores pajamas, but they were sold out!

I hadn’t been in an AG store for about a year, so I was struck by how few historical dolls are left, and how little there is for them. No Addy? No Josefina?

… And then there were 7. . . Barely.

I did bring home Blaire’s new book, which I read quickly and have moved on to the second one already! More on that in a future post.

I really enjoyed seeing some of the current AG items, but didn’t get the sense that they were seeing big sales, at this downtown Toronto location anyway. Maplelea may still rule the Canadian market. If you would like to know more about Maplelea and Canadian dolls, visit this blog post over on Hannah’s Dolls.


3 thoughts on “American Girls in Canada

  1. jackylina

    Do you have any maplelea things? I just love their outfits.
    Oo! Cant wait to hear your review of Blaires books! Will you do a review of the doll and her things too?


    1. Jen Post author

      We don’t have any Maplelea things, but after being in Toronto I have a new love for the Canadian-themed apparel.
      I will definitely review the book, and maybe a bit about how the items relate to the book.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. hannahsdolls

    Thanks for mentioning my post!
    I only get to go to an AG boutique once a year, and I’ve been to a few different ones now. (including the one in this post!) The only time I WASN’T the only customer was the first year I went. I really don’t think AG does anywhere near as well in Canada as they do in the states, but I guess they must do okay to keep the boutiques open.



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