July Arrivals

Can you believe it?  It’s Jen and Brianna here together once again with a July release review!  We usually do this from a local coffee shop but today the coffee shop is us at home while our living room is painted.  Ready?  OK!

Brianna: We tried this set out in Toronto and I liked it a lot overall. I think it’s cool that it sets up an actual ten round game for you to play against someone. I also like that it comes with accessories instead of just the bowling lane.

Jen: Good points Brianna!  I’m not a huge bowling fan, and this thing is HUGE, so it doesn’t tempt me in any way, but I think it is a new and innovative offering for AG.

Brianna: This set is so adorable. I love that it actually includes two toy hedgehogs. I’m not really sure what the green stuff in the food bowl is but overall this is super cute and I think a big hit for a lot of younger girls (and older too.)

Jen: We saw this in person in Toronto as well, and it is cute.  Hedgehogs are very on trend!

Brianna: This outfit is… interesting. It’s one of the mix and match outfits but as much as I want it to look good together, it really doesn’t. I like the overall colour scheme but I think the actual clothing items could use a rethink.

Jen: Not one of my favorite outfits.  I can’t quite decide whether this outfit says “little girl” or “big girl.”  I don’t envision this as a hot seller.

Brianna: This outfit is a no-no, for me personally. It’s very- bold, for lack of a better word. The bright ketchup red mixed with the furry grey leopard pattern is just strange.

Jen: I like the shoes?  The jacket is a little too Studio 54/Donna Summer for me.

Brianna: I love this outfit! It’s something that girl would actually wear in real life, especially with the black leggings and furry blue sweater.

Jen: I agree – this is a good seller.  The sweater does seem like something you would need to be very careful with, especially with the dolls’ thumbs.  There’s the cute shoes again!  They remind me of Superga platform tennis shoes.

Brianna: I like the tee shirt but together with the skirt it’s a little much. I probably would’ve worn something like this in 4th grade though so it might fit with the age group.

Jen: I like this outfit a lot, and would consider buying it. I like the fact that it mixes and matches with other items, and it reminds me of the Boden clothing catalog.

Brianna: I love that American Girl has expanded outside of gymnastics, ballet, and cheerleading and finally gotten a hockey set. I think a lot of younger girls will love this set not only because it’s so versatile but because it has a ton of accessories too.

Jen: I agree – though I’m more of a figure skating kind of gal, I appreciate this offering.  A lot of girls (and women) are in hockey leagues in our part of the country.  This outfit also does double duty for those with boy dolls.

Brianna: This outfit is cute and I like the lace overall but I kind of wish that American Girl would get out of its addiction to pink and maybe make this outfit a different colour like light blue.

Jen: I think this is a beautiful outfit and I love the jewel-tone magenta.  I’m not looking to buy a skating outfit, but this one is lovely.  I like the matching skate blade covers.

We hope you liked our post! Make sure to stay tuned for an upcoming one about Blaire’s items. Thanks!

~ Jen and Brianna


10 thoughts on “July Arrivals

  1. LEE

    Love the post. You girls are tough and maybe a little strange. Let’s see you don’t like bowling but love hedgehogs? When’s the last time you saw one or went bowling? Anyway I’m kidding. Your post is a lot of fun. It reminds me of walking around the neighborhood with my friend and critiquing decorating, landscaping and anything else we come across. Keep it going!


    1. Jen Post author

      Brianna has a friend with a hedgehog…. that’s how on trend they are! Admittedly the last time I bowled I needed physical therapy afterward LOL.


  2. jackylina

    Oh yay! I totally agree with all your comments especially the mix and match clothes! (and I was so surprised on the ag forum, everyone seemed to be over the moon about them!) Over the years, which mix and match set do you like the best?


    1. Jen Post author

      Gosh, I’m not even sure what my favorite mix and match would be… I don’t think I have bought many. My weaknesses are pajamas and holiday outfits!

      Liked by 1 person


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