Godspeed Molly!

In the “use it or lose it” department, we find dear Pleasant Company Molly. She spent the better part of two decades in my sister-in-law’s closet, waiting for her daughter to develop an interest in historicals (turns out she was a Bitty fan) or to make her way to EBay (Molly, not my niece LOL!). In a happy turn of events, Molly came our way a two years ago but you haven’t seen her around much due to her very VERY loose legs. We’re talking ‘hanging by a thread’ loose.

Today was Molly’s lucky day to begin her journey to the doll hospital. I always save the inner and outer boxes when a doll comes back from the AG hospital. The packaging is perfect for the next hospital admission. I usually ship UPS, and for me it is about 11.00 UPS postage, which includes tracking and 100.00 insurance. Prices will rise if you are shipping further from Wisconsin.

I’d love to send Saige next… the hair! Oh my. I’m not sure how Brianna feels about that so we will let sleeping dolls lie.

What are your thoughts on the 98.00 doll sale today and tomorrow on the AG website Not bad! If you purchase a bit more you can probably get free shipping too. Nice way to jump on the Amazon Prime Day Action when people are in a deal shopping frame of mind.


11 thoughts on “Godspeed Molly!

  1. jackylina

    Haha! Twinsie – I”m about to send my Mia doll into the doll hospital. There are rumors going around that the AG hospital will no longer carry GOTY heads. Lindsey, Marisol, Jess, #s 6, 8, 19, and 50 doll heads are already gone. My Mia’s hair is a disaster and her eyes are really funky. I want to get a Mia head while they’re still available. You might want to think about Saige soon!


    1. Sam

      I want to send my Kanani doll so bad but I don’t want to let go of her in case something happens. She’s my favorite GOTY and my favorite doll I own. I got her when I was little so her hair is depressing but I just can’t, I’m to worried!

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      1. jackylina

        I sent in my Kanani and couldn’t be more pleased. I know some people write notes, to take special care of their dolls, and some have even requested the DH call them before working on their doll and they really do.

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      2. Jen Post author

        I understand your concern. We have sent both Josefina and Nellie to the hospital… all of our Pleasant Co have had to be restrung after 20 years. As Heather mentions, I have often put a note it, for example I asked them not to rebrand Molly’s hair unless it gets messy in transit because it is still in the original braids. Maybe someday you can try it with a different doll if needed.


    1. Jen Post author

      Thanks for letting me know! I have no idea where the comment thing went. I don’t see it either but my settings still show it’s there. I’m going to hope it’s a WordPress thing and wait a few days.

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