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Josefina, The Doll that Started it All

Josefina getting out for some summer photos

Jen here – the other night when I was lying awake until 1:30 am, my mind wondered on to the subject of ‘how many dolls we we have anyway?’ and ‘when and where did some of them even come from?’ You can see that these sorts of questions don’t really help you fall asleep, but at least they are easier to contemplate that all that is going on in the world. Brianna and I thought it would be fun for us to recount where each doll came from and take an opportunity to get that doll out of the box and out for some current photos. So, let’s talk about Josefina, the doll that launched . . . a whole lot of other doll purchases!

1st day with Josefina

Hey, it’s Brianna! Starting in 1st grade, my mom would read me the original American Girl historical books and my favourite series was Josefina. For Halloween in 1st grade, my grandma and my mom collaborated and made me a Josefina dress and for my character fashion show in 2nd grade, I wore the same dress once again. I never had specifically wanted the doll but less than a month after the character talent show, I received the Josefina doll from my aunt in March 2013.

Grinding corn in Santa Fe wearing the homemade Josefina dress

My aunt got a Pleasant Company Josefina from the Madison American Girl Benefit Sale for her daughter, but she never became interested in the historical dolls. We bought Josefina from her for $50 (family discount).

We surprisingly don’t have a lot of Josefina’s collection. We have some of her books (I counted 3) including one of the mystery books, Secrets in the Hills, which I think I started but never finished because it was kind of scary for a 3rd grader.

We have Josefina’s accessories which we purchased after we got the doll as well as her sheepskin and blanket which my Grandma bought at the AG Outlet in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I got the horno, or Adobe Oven as a hand-me-down from my mom’s old boss and the outfit pictured above is her summer riding outfit and hat which my mom gave to me when we went to Santa Fe (near where Josefina was from) back in Summer 2013. I believe we also purchased her Holiday Outfit, which is gorgeous, in more recent years, as well.

To this day, I probably cherish Josefina the most out of all the dolls because, well, she was the doll that started all of this! Without her, I don’t think my mom or I would have become so obsessed with the brand.

Stay tuned for doll #2!

Cooling Off with Addy

It’s very hot here today. It was WELL past time to get Addy out of her Christmas dress and stockings.

How about cooling off in the 2017 purchase with purchase “World Traveler” dress? My Addy doesn’t always dress in historical clothing from her collection, but she always wears her shell necklace. In Addy’s story, the shell is a gift from her Great-Grandmother who came from Africa to the US as a slave.

The dianthus flowers match my dress!

Have you seen images of the possible 80s doll Courtney Moore? The book is released October 1. I do hope she doesn’t look like a version of Maryellen as the leaked images suggest. I will enjoy seeing the items in the collection and reading the book, but I’m not sure I’m ready for my high school years to be a “historical period”!

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Since we have a lack of parades and fireworks this year, I thought the least I could do to get in the holiday spirit was to get Maryellen and Molly dressed in good ol’ red, white and blue.

Today we are celebrating by watching Hamilton on Disney Plus (and thinking of mega-fan Heather at Dollightful Dolls), ordering sub sandwiches, and maybe watching Eat the Nation with Padma Lakshmi which is an interesting show that looks at all of the food traditions that come from American immigrants. How are you celebrating today?

During the time at home during the pandemic I have kept Molly on my dresser, and usually Kit, in outfits that match the seasons. Every since I got Molly restrung I have been enjoying having her out. I might spring a few more blog posts on you this summer… Brianna (who will be a sophomore!!) will lend me her photo skills.

Thinking of you all fondly and hoping you are finding a balance of safety and connection in your life. 💗