Cooling Off with Addy

It’s very hot here today. It was WELL past time to get Addy out of her Christmas dress and stockings.

How about cooling off in the 2017 purchase with purchase “World Traveler” dress? My Addy doesn’t always dress in historical clothing from her collection, but she always wears her shell necklace. In Addy’s story, the shell is a gift from her Great-Grandmother who came from Africa to the US as a slave.

The dianthus flowers match my dress!

Have you seen images of the possible 80s doll Courtney Moore? The book is released October 1. I do hope she doesn’t look like a version of Maryellen as the leaked images suggest. I will enjoy seeing the items in the collection and reading the book, but I’m not sure I’m ready for my high school years to be a “historical period”!


12 thoughts on “Cooling Off with Addy

  1. Marilee Wells

    A blog that makes me laugh is excellent! I laughed twice here about Addy still in her Christmas dress and you back in the historical 80’s.


  2. jackylina

    Yeah…I”m not sure what to think about Courtney…if she looks how she does I”m not impressed at all. I still have Courtney (Skipper’s friend) so much in my mind…. so seeing her like that made me raise my eyebrows. Her box pic does look different.


    1. Jen @ HealthfulSaver Post author

      For me, Maryellen has such a distinct personality in her books (like Molly or Kit) that seeing her possibly reworked into another character would be disappointing. BUT…. we know leaked images can be misleading so hope for the best. Still not sure I want to relive high waisted acid wash jeans.

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  3. Gloria

    I am glad to see that you are still blogging and loving your American Girl dolls. I got my first doll, Samantha, in 1986. She doesn’t get her outfit changed real often either:)

    I love American Girl dolls and only wish that more young girls would spend more time with their dolls than their devices. I try to share my books, etc. as often as I can to get more young girls interested in dolls. There is so much historical value, and such an easy way to enjoy and learn about history!

    I am curious how you find all the latest news about American Girl dolls. I had no idea that another new doll was coming so soon, very exciting! I can’t say that I am liking the acid-wash denim look. I need to get more informed.

    Thanks for sharing, I appreciate your time!


    1. Jen @ HealthfulSaver Post author

      Hi Gloria, nice to hear from you. I’m glad I’m not the only one who falls behind on the outfits. I do always feel like when I change dolls’ outfits I have done something just for myself, and I feel good about that.

      I also try to encourage children to read the historical books. I work in an elementary library and try to make the books available to kids who might have an interest. Julie is the most often checked out historical character for us.
      I saw the info about the new doll on Instagram. There is also a group called with lovely people who really love dolls!
      Here is a link to the new book


  4. Flo

    I have this dress somewhere in my stuff! It’s perfect for the kind of weather we are currently experiencing. I was never a fan of the bracelet though, it tended to mark up the dolls wrist when you went to put it on, so it’s in the doll jewelry box somewhere.

    I did see the pictures of the new 80’s doll and she is very similar to MaryEllen, so I won’t be getting her. But I’m really anxious to see what accessories and other outfits they do for her! I may still have to make my own fake AquaNet can though. Extra super hold!


    1. Jen Post author

      Weather… exactly! I just can’t bring myself to put my dolls in heavy stockings and such with this heat and humidity. You are absolutely right about the cuff bracelet that accompanies this dress. It’s just too tight, and I shudder to think of a 1st grader trying to squish it on a doll’s wrist.
      AquaNet – I wonder how much of that stuff is still permanently attached to bathroom walls out there in the world! I was more a mousse girl myself ;). I hope that the images of a MaryEllen type doll are only a prototype, but with the economy being the way it is… it’s possible. Anyway, it will be fun to relive the 80s!



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