January Release Review!

We are sitting at a coffee shop, sweet espresso drinks in front of us, ready to weigh in on the latest release from American Girl.  Ready? Let’s go!

Brianna: The dinomite outfit is so adorable! I love the T-Rex tee and the graphic design type shorts are really cool! The hightops are also a great addition I think!

Jen: I think the shorts would be great on a girl, too.  Wish they were available separately.  Brianna, what do you think about the boy dolls in general?

Brianna: Overall, I think the boy dolls are okay. I wish American Girl had stuck to girl dolls but now that there are boy dolls I think there is a greater number of play options for younger children. Personally, most of the boy dolls could pass for girls with short hair. Especially, the blonde one and Asian one. What do you think Jen?

Jen: My favorite one is the African-American boy — love the natural hair.  I’m not lining up to buy one, though.

Brianna: This outfit is super cute! I love the dress and sandals but I don’t think the pom-pom headband is necessarily needed.

Jennifer:  The pom poms are definitely from the t-shirt they sold last spring.  I am pretty sure the design at the bottom of the skirt goes all the way around based on the catalog image.  This will sell well!

Brianna: The Split-Front Dress is … well… interesting. I like the overall color of the outfit but the fact that the front of the dress is completely split is anything but. The outfit doesn’t even come with shorts to go underneath the dress!

Jennifer:  This outfit is a dud.  How can you sell something that is completely unusable without buying shorts to go with it?  The shoes don’t come with it either. Kids everywhere are going to want these new dresses that show your underwear!  I hope this isn’t a case of AG having a certain number of yards of tulle and trying to figure out how to get the most outfits from a limited amount of fabric.

Brianna: This outfit is so cute! It’s patriotic and represents the Winter Olympics! The only thing I wish they had done was to do a separate Olympic outfit that didn’t necessarily represent any nationality so that AG buyers in other countries would also have an Olympic outfit.

Jen: American Girl doesn’t like to sell to our friendly neighbors to the north, anyway, so nationality isn’t a big issue.  Anyhoo… I liked this outfit so much I bought it!  They had me at “limited edition” and “while supplies last”.  Plus, it’s a pair of pants!  Rarely seen in the AG universe lately.  Look for a review soon!

Brianna: This outfit is so-so. I love the galaxy converse like shoes and the aqua jacket and shorts. I’m not a fan of the turtle-neck sweater though.

Jen: Love the shoes… I’m not a huge fan of the outfit but do appreciate the color choices.

Brianna: Another so-so outfit. I absolutely love the rhinestone blue capris! The purple slippers are fine, but I dislike the pink top. The collar looks very strange, and it looks babyish.

Jen: The neckline is called an envelope neckline, and you are right — you often see it on baby undershirts.  Leggings are awesome, but the whole thing together seems strange to me.

Thank you for joining us for our review of the new release! We would love to hear your thoughts on these outfits or others in the release.  Anything make your “wish list”?




New Contemporary Character This Summer?

Amazon has preorder information for a three book series on a new contemporary character! Release date is June 26.

The author has written a number of the recent Journey books, as well as many of AGs non-fiction titles.

Who could this new character be? The name “Emory Van Zant” was trademarked quite some time ago, but has yet to appear as a character. Will there be dolls named “Tenney” and “Emory” at the same time?

Do you have any special hopes for this character or her story?

Luciana, A Mixed Bag

Hello Doll Fans,

I have had ample time to get caught up on my AG reading list because our whole family has been home sick with varying degrees of stomach virus. ‘Tis the season!

Brianna and I have both read Luciana’s first book about her experience at Space Camp, and our reviews are mixed.

The book has a lot of characters… I would estimate 10-15. It was hard to keep track of who was who, and at the end I didn’t feel much of a connection to anyone. Personally, there was too much discussion of various robotics parts to keep my interest. Maybe today’s 21st C makerspace kids will find the storyline more compelling.

I will give AG credit for really sticking with the science and technology theme in the book. The story immerses the reader in a week at Space Camp, and if that encourages girls to seek careers in science, that would be terrific!

Luci wants to be the first person on Mars. As a reader I wanted to know more about that–what will it take to accomplish that and why do we want to go?

I can’t help compare Lucy’s book to another contemporary character, Z. Yang. Z’s book immersed me in the stop motion and videography world, another topic I know little about, but it piqued my interest and I thought Z was a well-developed character that modern girls could relate to.

On a scale of 1-5, Brianna and I rate Luciana’s book 2 robot dogs.

Hello and Happy New Year!

Dropping in to wish all my AG friends a terrific 2018!

We have had a lovely Christmas holiday, though not quite the quantity of American Girl items under the tree as in years past. I will always have happy memories of the excitement of giving a new doll for Christmas.

A few items still managed to find their way to us from Santa, including Josefina’s holiday outfit, Tenney’s performance outfit, and…



Z’s Sightseeing Outfit – Gift for me!




Cool shoes!


Gabriela’s Sparkling Sequins outfit on Dakota – Gift for Brianna

Some readers may recall that we bought an Isabelle doll at the Madison’s Children’s Museum Benefit sale to turn around and auction at our church’s holiday boutique. All proceeds provide scholarships for African men and women to attend university, as well as other outreach efforts. Isabelle and her accompanying swag were a popular item and the auction had a record profit of $18,000! Thanks to Flo for crafting some items for dear Isabelle!



Though our posts have become less frequent, Brianna and I have committed to continuing our famous “new release review” posts coming to you direct from our local coffee shop!

What are your thoughts on Luciana?  I think it is a great theme, but one that doesn’t particularly pull at my wallet.  I do have her book on the way from Amazon, and if you know me, I might change my tune after I read her book.

We wish you a new year filled with many opportunities to play!




Happy Birthday Saige!

Today is Saige’s official birthday!  She would be turning 14–how times does fly!

I took Saige out for a quick fall photo shoot.  
She was Brianna’s first AG doll picked out in person.  We took a coach bus on a Chicago Holiday shopping excursion offered by our recreation department on a December day that was insanely cold.  People had to wait in their car to board the bus because it was deadly cold out.    Saige joined Josefina and we had two New Mexico girls on our hands.

Saige even inspired us to take a family trip to New Mexico!

Her hair tends to be a fit of a frizzy mess, but somehow she has never quite made the cut for a doll hospital head replacement.  We are just used to Saige the way she is and a new head seems so extreme.

I found a pretty fall leaf on a walk with my husband.  We have very little fall color due to a warm, dry fall.  The leaf just fit in her hand without any help.  I’m grateful for any opportunity for outdoor photos before winter comes.

Do you have Saige in your doll family?  If so, how did she come to join your family?

Review: Z’s Rainy Day Outfit

I recently reviewed — OK gushed — over Z’s book.  As usual, I’m a sucker for those AG stories!  When Brianna and I met Heather from Dollightful Dolls in Chicago, this outfit was on my list of things to see in person.

As you guessed, I brought it right home with me!

Here we have Pleasant Co Josefina in the garden on a crisp fall day.

The quilted vest is fully lined with fleece and embroidered with the Z Crew logo.

Her cotton t-shirt also has the AG star logo on the sleeve.

The boots!  They are thick just like real Wellies and are even lined with a flocked type of material.  You can see how realistic they are in the photo below.

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that they are very difficult to put on.  Josefina needs some tiny Wonder Bread bags to help her get her boots on.  This is what kids did when I was little back in Julie’s day!

Zcrew Josefina

This is a perfect outfit for heading to the pumpkin patch, or for cheering on a sibling at a soccer game.  I’m pleased with the purchase and glad to have some of Z’s Seattle-inspired collection.

Amazon AG Sales Return

Amazon once again has a sale on some American Girl items. For example, Julie’s holiday outfit is $25.50 on Amazon and $34.00 on AG site. They even have Julie’s original pet bunny for $17.98! Felicity’s meet dress is $27.00 on Amazon and $36.00 on AG.
If you have Amazon Prime (free shipping), these are nice deals! I believe the prices are on Beforever items specifically.