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Addy: Let Your Spirit Sing

A few months ago I purchased Addy’s benne candy tin (Pleasant Co) from eBay, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day seems like a good date to revisit this part of Addy’s story.

Words below are from Connie Porter’s book “Happy Birthday, Addy!”  The character M’Dear is an elderly neighbor who encourages Addy to claim a birth date of her own, since she does not know her actual birthday having been born a slave.  The date she chooses is the end of the Civil War.

Momma led Addy to one table, and there at her place was a tin of benne candies from M’Dear.

Addys Birthday Outfit

noexif_IMG_6689_private“You sure did pick a special day for your birthday,” said M’Dear.  “This is from Sunny and me.”

Addy opened the gift to find two of Sunny’s bright yellow feathers tied together with a bow.  Addy held them gently, a bit of bright sunshine in the palm of her hand.

Addy Birthday Benne CAndy“Thank you,” Addy said.  She kissed M’Dear and pinned the feathers in her hair.

Addy Sunny Feathers“Let these remind you to always let your spirit sing out,” said M’Dear.

“I will,” promised Addy. “I will.”



Addy’s Special Christmas

by Jen

We have been so busy talking about Brianna’s new dolls that I haven’t had time to tell you about  my Christmas presents 😉

This year I asked for items for Addy that I would wish to have if she does retire this year.  Addy’s Christmas dress was at the top of the list. It is such a special part of the Addy books when Mrs. Ford gives Addy the returned dress just in time for Christmas, and Addy takes her gift and generates a gift for Momma in the form of a scarf when the dress is hemmed.

Addy Christmas

What’s that below the tree?  It is way too big to be another dress for Addy!

Addy Beforeever Bed

It’s Addy’s bed!  Brianna’s response was, “Where are you going to put THAT?”  Hey, I thought you were on my side!

Addy’s bed is strung underneath with heavy string/cord.  This is the probable origin of “Good Night, Sleep Tight” as the rope under an old fashioned bed could be tightened.

Addy Historical Bed

The cording under the bed seems like it could be destroyed by a smaller kid. The bed is assembled with screws and washers that can be undone for storage.

American Girl Bed

Addy tried it right out!


And here is the bed with the quilt.  One slight disappointment is the quilt’s stiffness… it sort of defies gravity rather than draping softly over the sides.  Another issue is the massive American Girl tags which cover every piece and make it hard to arrange the bed without a tag sticking out.



Still, I am thrilled to have this special item, and you can never have enough beds for dolls!  Merry Christmas Addy!


This is our 100th post!  😃

Over The Hills And Through The Woods To Grandma’s House We Go Part 1

By Saige Copeland

“Guys, get all your stuff together we’re leaving in a few minutes,” called my sister Isabelle from the living room. I got my suitcase and pulled it outside in the cold snowy air. My sisters and I were going to visit our grandma in Washington D.C over the weekend.

noexif_IMG_6512_privateI was so excited to leave Marlow’s cold snowy atmosphere and head down south to 70 degree weather for a weekend. I put all of my stuff in the trunk and hopped in the car. Since there were 8 of us, we had a big van.

noexif_IMG_6516_privateIsabelle was the driver and Caroline was her guide, so they sat in the front. Behind them, Grace and I sat, behind us was Josefina and Kit, and at the rear end was Addy and Julie.

I hopped in the car. I got out my book and started to read. It took awhile since Caroline had to find away to put her “too big” suitcase in the trunk. As Caroline got in the car, I noticed she was wearing a mid-summer dress that was meant for 80 degree weather not below 32 degree weather.

noexif_IMG_6514_private I was about to say something about it but before I could, Grace elbowed me in the ribs. I sat back and sighed… it was impossible to state your opinion when “Miss No Fighting” was around. Finally, we were off and on our way to D.C.

Kit and Josefina were probably the only very enthusiastic ones about this vacation, since it gave them time to play with their dolls.

noexif_IMG_6518_privateGrace and I used our phones but we forgot to charge them before we left and they died pretty quickly. Julie and Addy get car sick very easily, and Isabelle and Caroline just drove and navigated.

noexif_IMG_6519_private It was pretty silent in the car except for the slight squeaking of the driving wheel and the murmur of Josefina and Kit’s voices as they played with their dolls.

Isabelle broke the silence by saying, “WE will be in Boston soon and we can get dinner there.” “Yay!” shouted everybody. “Caroline, can you look up The Top 10 Restaurants In Boston on Trip Advisor?” asked Isabelle. “Sure” responded Caroline. “How about Italian Express Pizzeria . . . it’s Number #2 and has great reviews.” “Sounds good to me” approved Isabelle.

“Pizza saves lives,” I said to Grace. Grace nodded in response. We pulled into the Italian Express Pizzeria parking lot. We entered the Pizzeria, it was pretty busy, so we decided to get takeout. “Oh the Eggplant Parmesan Pizza sounds good, ” commented Isabelle. “Ya, that sounds delicious,” added Caroline. The rest of us stared in awe, that sounded disgusting! Caroline and Isabelle loved eggplant but they knew the rest of us hated it. “Can we please just cheese?” asked Kit sweetly. “How about we order 4 pizzas. . . ” answered Isabelle. “Ok” responded Kit. We all murmured among ourselves. Kit and Josefina got a Small Cheese Pizza, Addy and Julie got a Small BBQ Chicken, Grace and I got a Small Hawaiian, and Isabelle and Caroline got a Small Eggplant Parmesan Pizza. We ate in the car, which all of us loved to do.

noexif_IMG_6522_privateWe finished and got back on the road. Soon we all got on our PJ’s. We all fell asleep except for Isabelle who stayed awake driving the van until midnight when she pulled us over and fell asleep herself.

noexif_IMG_6523_privateIn the morning when we woke up, we were surprised to learn that we were already in Connecticut. We got some breakfast at First & Last Bakery Cafe, then we got back on the road. As we drove along, I  got out my Doodle backpack and opened my binder which contained all of my folders and papers inside. Eighth Grade had been assigned a crazy amount of homework over the weekend. Grace decided to do her homework too.

As we drove along Caroline asked if we would like any music on. I knew instantly that was a mistake on her part because whenever we played music in the car Grace and Julie always ended up getting in a big fight because they never liked the same music. Grace liked modern and Julie liked 70’s. Back when Grace and I were in 6th Grade, we took a family road trip all the way to Arkansas. Grace and Julie started fighting over music then all of a sudden we joined sides. Grace, Kit, and I were the Modern Side and Julie, Josefina, and Addy were the 70’s side. The fight lasted the whole way there and back again. That was a quite a car trip. So, when Caroline asked we wanted music, she realized suddenly what would happen, so she stopped the fight before either Grace or Julie could say a word. Her solution was: Play music from the 19th century. Josefina and Addy liked that.. but the rest of us couldn’t stand the sound of squeaky 19th century violins.

We got lunch in Trenton, New Jersey and by then we could say we were half way through our trip. We only had 2 more states to go through Delaware and Maryland. Josefina and Kit were very excited to go through Delaware because in their 5th Grade Social Studies class they were learning about Lord De La Warr. If you look at the spelling you can see it looks pretty much like Delaware. That’s how Delaware got it’s name, after Lord De La Warr.

As we drove through Maryland I made a list of  things I wanted to do in Washington D.C:

1. National Air and Space Museum 

2. National Zoo

3. Museum of National History

4. Washington Monument 

5. National Archives

6. The Capitol

7. The Library of National Congress

8. Lincoln Memorial

9. Arlington National Cemetery

10. Vietnam Veterans Memorial

We arrived in Washington D.C at 6:30 PM. We passed the Washington Monument and The Capitol. I was so excited to go exploring in Washington D.C, tomorrow morning. We pulled up in front of my Grandma’s apartment building. We entered the lobby with our luggage. It was very fancy. We got in the huge elevator and rode up to the 5th floor. “Room 511,” said Isabelle. We stopped in front of a wood door, and rang the doorbell.

The door creaked open slowly and…..and you will have to wait for our next post to find out what happens.

Bye for now everyone! – Brianna


St. Nicholas Day

By Josefina Montoya

I let out a long yawn as I opened my eyes. I turned over on my side and looked at my calendar. It was December 6th, which meant today was St.Nicholas Day! I hopped out of my bed and ran across the room to wake my sister Addy. We silently tip toed into our living room. We didn’t want to wake anybody by turning the lights on so Addy lit a candle. I turned on the lights on our Christmas Tree. Honey, our golden retriever dog came barreling into to the living room.  He  had something in his stocking too!

Addy grabbed our stockings down from the shelf.

Addy St Nicks

We opened our stockings slowly. Addy’s stocking had the Grace book, a piece of chocolate, a candy cane, and a little plush bear.


My stocking had the Apples to Apples game, a piece of chocolate, a candy cane, and a Molly Mini Doll.

Josefina St Nicks

Honey’s stocking had his favorite kibble and a new treat bowl. Honey American Girl dog

It was a great St. Nick’s morning.  Addy stayed up and read her Grace book, and I went back to bed!


Written with help from Brianna.  Addy’s bear is the current Happy Meal Build-a-Bear promotional at McDonalds.

Stockings Hung by the Chimney with Care…

noexif_IMG_6485 (2)_private

Addy put a few finishing touches on the tree … Tonight is St. Nick’s Eve!

Addy Walker Nightgown

Josefina dug around for their stockings.  This year Addy and Josefina will hang their stockings up.  They have been here the longest.  Hopefully they have been good and no lumps of coal await them!

Josefina Adddy St Nick

Do you hang a stocking at this time of year for St. Nicholas?  This is a European custom and is very popular in our area because of our city’s German heritage.  In many parts of the United States, St. Nicks is unknown.  St. Nicholas brings small treats and gifts… No $500.00 bakery for Grace I’m afraid!  Sweet dreams girls.

Addy Prepares for Fall

Addy loves her long, white nightgown.  I hoped I would find this at the Wilmot sale or outlet store, but about a year ago Addy got tired of waiting for pajamas (she was wearing a nightgown made for a baby doll!) and I paid full-price. It is a must-have item for Addy with simple, beautiful detailing.   Only one regret — no slippers.

Addy and Ida

By the time I purchased the nightgown Mattel had dropped the grey slippers and heart warmer from the nightgown.  Those winter nights in Philly with only a wood stove are going to be mighty chilly without slippers.  I turned to Etsy looking for something old-timey that could have been knit by Addy’s mama.

I found these delightful slippers in the joannekantola shop, which I chose because the scale seemed appropriate for an 18″ doll.   Addy’s original Pleasant Co slippers were charcoal grey, but we decided to go with the pretty red ones.  What girl doesn’t want ruby slippers?

Addy Slippers

Addy is very pleased with the fit!  Should the heart warmer find its way to us some day, the red slippers will compliment it.


Fancy Friday – Addy

One of the things I love about American Girl is the historical clothing that fits within the wonderful stories.  Most of the time our dolls are running around looking like this, however.

noexif_IMG_5498_privateI thought I would bring a doll to the blog every week on Friday dressed in some historical finery.

This week Addy has a turn.  She is wearing the skirt from Cecile’s parlor outfit accompanied by the blouse from Addy’s School Outfit.


The skirt has a beautifully detailed pattern.  Addy’s school outfit comes with cream, knit stockings.

noexif_IMG_6101_privateThe ivory blouse from the school outfit is a nice match with the purple print, and the brown tones accent Addy’s eyes and complexion.

Addy Fancy FridayI think Addy looks like an 1800s school teacher in this outfit!


If you would like to join in on a future Friday feel free to link your URL in the comments.