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Lea: Born for Adventure App Review


Video of Lea Actress is a part of the game

Hi everyone! It’s Brianna, and today my post is about the new Lea app, called “Lea Born for Adventure.”  It costs 1.99 at the Apple App Store. Enjoy!


  1. This game is really fun.
  2. You get to take pictures with a camera!
  3. You have your own journal.
  4. You get to watch a video every level of a girl who looks like Lea talking about the next level.
  5. You get to see Lea’s Passport.
  6. As AG stated, this game is “epic.”
  7. You get to run through Brazil collecting different items in every level.
  8. You can see some of Lea’s items that are for sale.
  9. Will probably relate well to Lea’s stories.


  1. It’s very hard and challenging for those who aren’t familiar to video games.
  2. It’s kind of frustrating when you fall off something then you have to get back up.
  3. AG should give you 5 hearts [lives] personally. IMG_0246

Though, there are some Con’s to this game it is also super duper fun. So I hope you download this awesome new app! Bye for now!


Rocket Rally: Maryellen App Review

IMG_0236Hello there everyone! It’s Brianna, and today my post is about the new Maryellen App called Rocket Rally. Enjoy!


  1. This game is very addicting and fun to play.
  2. It relates well to her time period, since in the 1950’s scientists had started to launch rockets into space from Cape Canaveral, Florida.
  3. Also, it relates well to her book because Maryellen and her friends enter a Rocket Design Contest.
  4. Who doesn’t want to design their own rocket? Well, in this app you’re able to and then launch it into space as far you can until you run out of fuel.


  1. This may just be me but it is kind of hard to control the rocket once you launch it as you can see in one of my pictures, it is going side ways.
  2. It costs 99 cents and personally I don’t think that is a fair price because the game itself is kind of missing the “epic” piece of it. You know — that piece of the game that is so rewarding and fun. For example, I think that they should set goals to reach a certain height, then once you do, you get to play a mini game or you get another color combo for your rocket.


The app is for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


Review of Maryellen TV Console App

imageHello everyone! It’s Brianna here, and today I have a review on Maryellen’s TV Console App. This app came out before Maryellen was released strangely enough.  Enjoy the post everyone!


  • The app it self is free for everyone in the app store, which is really nice for people who don’t want to spend money on an app.
  • It gives you some previews of Maryellen’s items in the 2 videos American Girl made. [The Seaside Diner looks really great.]
  • The videos you make on the app can transfer over easily to Maryellen’s toy TV Set which is the coolest thing ever, I personally think.
  • AG makes the app so 1950’s appropriate, with the TV only being in black and white and the background music is so 1950’s.
  • AG makes it easy to make a video of your own dolls in the app, which is great because I’ve played apps that are really complicated.
Instructions for using with toy TV

Instructions for using with toy TV


  • It takes awhile for the videos to load if you made a  video that’s kind of long, which I do most of the time.
  • When you’re finished making the video it’s just so easy to push the wrong button and have the video you made deleted without any heads up beforehand. This is really a pain when you made a long video.

This app is one of the best that American Girl has made. It still has a few things AG could fix but if you take time to think about it, almost every app does in some way.  I hope you can download this app someday. It’s very entertaining and fun! Bye for now.

This game is rated ages 4+ and appears to require iPad 2nd generation and up.

Maryellen and her dog Scooter

Maryellen and her dog Scooter