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Updates from Our Home Front

We got through the first week of school and I’m squeezing in a blog post.  That feels like an accomplishment!

We ended our summer with a trip to American Girl Chicago where we met our friend Heather, author of the blog Dollightful Dolls.  It was so fun to get to know Heather “IRL”. We even had the tea service, where we learned it may be wise to borrow a doll in the AG Cafe . . . the man clearing the dirty flatware almost dropped them on Elizabeth’s head!  I intended to get Julie’s ears pierced, but there was a whole birthday party-worth of dolls awaiting the service.  Brianna and I both picked up some outfits from the new release.



Elizabeth, unaware of impending accident




Heather’s Kanani, dressed up for the launch of Nanea.

So much news continues to come out of AG these days.  Kit will be appearing at Costco this holiday season in a package with a new red sweater.  Many people anticipate that she will be cubed (available only online and in flagship stores until she is gone), making way for the return of Molly.  Molly’s books are scheduled to be re-released Feb 19, 2018, so we can only speculate the doll will release at that time as well.


Are you excited for Molly’s re-release?  While I would prefer to have Kirsten return, I am hopeful that I may be able to purchase some items for the PC Molly I bought from my SIL.

I have many outfits and items to share with you in the months to come, but in the meanwhile, a great way to keep up with Dolls Between Us during the school year is on Instagram.  Follow us @dollsbetween.american.girl

I want to close with a few close-up pictures of Nanea that I took at AGP-Chicago.  I think these are two of the neatest items in her collection, and both play a role in book one of her story.



A barrette only Nanea can wear





The Tale of the Doodle Backpack

I want to take a brief break from the backpack drama between Isabelle and Saige to tell you about our trip to Chicago and American Girl Place.

Store Window

Store Window

We had no wishlist in mind when we stopped at AGP, other than Brianna wanted to “see” the doodle backpack.  Could not find it anywhere, so we asked at Customer Service.  The gals there were very nice, but they didn’t seem to have the capability to look in their inventory and tell us whether the backpack was there or not.  The store is so huge it would be easy to miss!  Chalk this up to AGs continuing tech woes.

Rather than go find the item, the clerks just rang up Middleton so we could order it with no shipping charge.  While they were trying to wrangle the phone over to my side of the counter, there were wanna-be Isabelles lining up behind me to tour the Chicago ballet.  Meanwhile, a steady stream of other people started coming up to the desk.  It was like a MASH unit!  First an “Addy” with no arms and her hair… well, it was painful to see.  While I am reciting my credit card for all to hear (twice no less) the clerks have to open another service window to take more incoming wounded dolls.  Brianna later said, “Did you see Molly???” And I said, “THAT WAS MOLLY????”

You knew I would work in a plug for Julie!

You knew I would work in a plug for Julie!

Luckily for you, reader, the Doodle Backpack is currently a PWP (purchase with purchase) for $14. and it is probably sitting right at the register waiting for you. We paid $28.00.

Here is what comes inside:

World's cutest composition book

World’s cutest composition book


Pocket folder, ruler, and pencil box. The folder has alphabet stickers to personalize

noexif_IMG_6242 (1)_private

Inside folder and pencil box. Why yes, those are tiny pencils that say “American Girl”!

So, Brianna played a good hand at AG and scored the backpack.  I enjoyed saying farewell to this special girl and her collection.